Shame on NG

Ban me for this if you wish, but I am a paying customer and deserve to have my thoughts heard.

You will not get another cent from me unless you make some radical changes. I play this game as well as games from another Finnish developer, SuperCell, and I can say you do not hold a candle to them. They produce a product that makes people want to spend money, and they've been very successful at doing that. You just alienate your player base. You have made radios the main currency in the game, and charge an obscene amount for them (calculated price of a 15 call with the "All the Radios" bundle over $5) all for a CHANCE to get something good. Not a guarantee mind you, but a chance. What do you think we are, a bunch of degenerate gamblers?

I understand that all game developers are profit ventures and I do not begrudge you seeking a profit. But the way you are going about it is completely wrong and will hurt your bottom line. Wake up, NG, or see your business fail. Even the most cursory of glances at your current forum reveal that those are your choices.
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    no no not degenerate gamblers... people with a "condition", right @zbot ?

    Isn't that the excitement though? the chance? its like buying a dog in a box... could be a chicken, or a cat. you dont know til you open it up!!! The chance is exactly why i dont buy anything. im through with chances in this game. im about topped out. starting to stagnate other than weekly challenges. its not worth continuing if i cant get anywhere.
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