Please, NG, we need XP system reworked!

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There are different classes, different icons for survivors and different names of survivors.
What we need is specific XP pool for each combination of class/icon/name, so we grind hundreds, maybe even thousands of different combination.
Make each character getting it's own XP only when in mission and actually killing walkers, but make it a bit difficult so there's a requirement:
to actually get XP, you need to kill as much walkers as the level of survivor multiplied by it's rarity.
So, lvl 10 common (one star) needs to kill 10 walkers, and lvl 10 legendary (five stars) needs to kill 50 walkers, otherwise it doesn't count.
Then you can have all kind of boosters to sell, for each type of survivor XP.
You can give players a slack and make making guild cost less (instead of 300XP currently), people gonna LOVE it!
Of course, this also can be applied for weapons, too (weapons need their own walker count, too).

Oh, and same for armor, too (armor gets XP only when being attacked, of course).

Imagine all the money you could roll in, like pigs in mud!



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    Why would you plant this idea in their heads?
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    Well, maybe he's confusing but what I think he's saying is that each survivor progresses by earning its own XP by the survivor being used. So the more you use your Hunter, the more XP it earns and that's how it levels up, instead of "buying" the level up from a pool of earned XP. This is why it is originally called Experience points. I don't know why NG calls it XP in this game - it should be called Leveling Points or something like that.

    The reason why (freemium) games don't do this anymore is that it is limiting and cannot provide the economy options for a game that makes money with in-app purchases.
    Back from 2016 :p
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