Probably why promotions now cost so much more.

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It just dawned on me why you raised the costs for promotions NG

As I've noticed in the past that this forum is used against us quite often when it comes to noticing things this one blows my mind.

A short time ago, around the time we discovered about the common survivor upgrade then reject bonus tokens, it was pointed out on this forum that it was less expensive to upgrade a 1.10 common to epic then it was to upgrade a 1.09 rare to epic.

1.09 rare was "grandfathered" with 1 trait at level 3 and 2 traits at level 1

300 tokens to become epic
...(60 tokens per trait x 4 traits + 60 to promote)
for a 1.09 rare to become a 1.10 epic

1.10 common required
8 tokens to become uncommon
48 tokens to become rare
...(16 tokens per trait x 2 traits + 16 to promote)
240 tokens to become epic
...(60 tokens per trait x 3 traits + 60 to promote)
8 + 48 + 240 = 296

So it cost 4 less tokens to go from a 1.10 common to a 1.10 epic then it did to go from a 1.09 rare to a 1.10 epic.

Well people like myself were saying "how can this be right, these survivors we've been playing with for so long actually require more tokens then ones were guaranteed to pull with a single radio?"

Well have no fear; for NG had the answer.

If they raise the costs of promotions of each survivor rarity it'll solve this problem. The second example rather than costing 16 to promote from uncommon to rare NOW costs 60. So instead of 1.09 rares costing 4 more tokens to upgrade they now cost 40 less tokens to upgrade overall using the above strategy. Before I go to my next point did anyone actually use that strategy? Sure the math added up to be slightly more beneficial but did anyone actually retire a survivor due to this "4 token" debacle?

So NG saw how this affected 1.09 rares and couldn't stand seeing these survivors that players were using being tossed aside like yesterday's garbage. So the solution was to raise EVERY rarity promotion costs of all survivors.

So because 1.10 common survivors used to cost 4 less tokens to upgrade to epic than their 1.09 rare counterparts the solution was to raise the promotion costs in the following ways.

Uncommon promotion was 16 now 60 = 44 more
Rare promotion was 60 now 120 = 60 more
Epic promotion was 120 now 250 = 130 more

I guess we shouldn't have told anyone about the way to save 4 tokens because now we spend 100% more to promote.


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    just like the TG exploit.....somebody on here, who will remain nameless, had the greatest exploit of this game exposed. Lucky for me i exploited to its fullest potential through three outpost awards...if you know the exploit, then you now what im talking about...goodtimes!
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    That's why we make our own forum @DLich
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