No reply from NG is preventing me from making a service ticket

I have been trying to create a service ticket through the game, over not getting xp for the saviors from last weeks challgene. I had a previous ticket concerning gameplay issues, and it is evidently still not processed. Until i get a reply, from NG, i evidently cannot report any other issues and cant let them know about my xp problem now. If anyone knows a way around this or a fix please share. Im getting frustrated. It has had me tied up for a few days now. Thanks in advance.


  • Annette578Annette578 Member Posts: 482
    They know about the xp issue with that chlg. We were told until next update, ( atm) would not be anything done. Lots of players let them know we were losing so much xp. Stand in line, all are frustrated to.
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,398
    I am stuck on my response to the 50k xp given me towards blindspot glitch , it has been about a week with no reply and many guild mates are in the same boat , I can't request a refund for my silenced pistol package until support clears the original ticket .... @Shadowkeeper some advice here please?
  • shakeyshakey Member Posts: 72
    @Japes87 i decided to go through google for ricks bundle refund. 5 minutes and it was done.
  • shakeyshakey Member Posts: 72
    @Annette578 i had figured as much. My concern was that i havent been able to get in that line because i cant send a support ticket in. My support mail is stuck in limbo until someone from next replies to me. Hopefully they take care of everyone soon...this is getting very old very fast
  • shakeyshakey Member Posts: 72
    Even when i try to be diplomatic and say to myself, 'im sure they are VERY busy with support tickets and refunds right now'...i find myself unable to feel too sorry for them, as this whole mess seems to be self inflicted.
  • shakeyshakey Member Posts: 72
    @lmfgunnut sounds like a solid plan. Cant say i blame you for not wanting a blanket response to several unrelated issues. Likely wouldnt be equitable to the loss in that case
  • ShadowkeeperShadowkeeper Staff Posts: 77
    You've guessed right, support is pretty busy after the update. You can either submit all your issues one by one in a message, or wait until they've responded to submit a new ticket. If you want to have your Silenced trait issue cleared up, use the hashtag #silenced in a message - support will find you.
  • Fester17Fester17 Member Posts: 672
    Four days ago I submitted a ticket for some gold I didn't receive. Got the initial response saying they had received the ticket, but nothing since. What's the wait time for a resolution?
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