Walkers give 1 experience point

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Since some time Its happening to me when I kill over 100 walkers they only give 1 experience point. Never happened before.

Its a new rule or a glitch? if its a new rule this make the game less interesting because there's a very low rate of missions where you actually can kill over 50 zombies, so find a mission like this its fun and difficult, not to mention you can help yourself to upgrade your weapons and survivors in that only chance.

If its a glitch how can I report this?

EDIT: posted in the wrong discussion, can be moved to the correct one?
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  • shakeyshakey Member Posts: 72
    This dropped in 1.10 and actually, dropped with the premise that the amount of xp dropped by the first 100 would now be more in line with a useable level of xp. Basically...yes, they do only award xp to 100 walkers now, then 1 xp per after that. However, they changed the amounts awarded to benefit you more than it used to, and for those 100 you get a signifigantly higher amount of xp than you used to. It was a fix to prevent auto-click xp farminh like blue stacks, etc. And it is probably one of the only recent changes i actually give them kudos for. It doesnt take nearly as much time to farm for xp now, and it doesnt have to be done on the same lvls over and over to reap benefits.
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