Ability to share replays!

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Have you ever beaten a challenge with lv 30 walkers, but then you realized nobody else can see this?

Have you killed the saviors in Outposts so fast that they barely had a chance to move, but you never had a chance to show this heroic raid to your guild mates?

Have you ever completed episode 13 on nightmare mode and wanted to share it with your guild mates who were struggling but then you realized you can't?

This is my probability the feature I want the most and probably it's something every content creator wishes for.

Sharing replays will help us get even better, by learning from each other.

On other hand people will be able to show their glorious attacks on YouTube and other social medias!

The way it should work is when you make an attack, then it saves it in a brand new tab. It can only be limited to 4 replays. Also after every mission it will ask you if you want to save this replay or discard it. To share the replay, just go to the tab, choose the replay you want to show and then press the "share" button. Voilà the replay appears in the guild chat so your friends can watch it :) (and I can record/stream it)

Leave you thoughts below :)

Probably making a video!

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MultiPainproduction
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