It's become a pet peeve that we can only tap/"kill" the zombies that the green target arrow is on.

Easy fix would be to simply make it so that we can tap on any and multiple zombies. There'll be times where there'll be a horde of walkers outside my camp, but I wouldn't be able to kill them because I'm having to wait until that select one appears. It makes no sense.



  • KrypherKrypher Member Posts: 8
    Definitely been foghting to stay up with leveling but now I cant find a hunter that can match my other ones. Most of thenother classes you can get bu playing through on hard. Tip: do runs for food I usually get phones and gold out of it
  • TheSheriffTheSheriff Member Posts: 76
    edited December 2015
    What's better, replaying early missions on hard or pushing through the story first?

    I'm on episode 7 currently
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    Finishing episode 7 will grant you a warrior.. but if you are having a hard time finishing your current story mission and you need xp/tomato to upgrade your survivors and weapons, then do the hard mode on early missions.
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