Open Letter to the Community

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Dear all,

First of all, we'd like to say that we're very appreciate and grateful for all the feedback and comments you all have provided post update 2.0. While we wish that the response would have been more positive, we'll always prefer a response over no response at all. In the end, both you and us want to see this game grow and become even better over time. It's very important to us to know you feel about changes made in the game; what you like about No Man's Land and what you don't.

Token availability has been a hot topic recently and we're hearing all your feedback on it. From what we've gathered, you do like the Heroes and the ability to progress them along with survivors, but the availability of the tokens can feel scarce. Conversations are being held to find solutions to this economy imbalance, however we can't promise any immediate changes. We can, however, assure you that this issue is not being taken lightly and is currently a top priority. It's important to keep in mind that Heroes is a brand new feature and that in the future, Heroes will become a integral part of No Man's Land - so more ways to receive tokens are on the way.

Another issue that has risen is the recent nerfing of the Silenced trait. We reserve the right to make balance changes in-game, and in this situation the Silenced trait stacking with Daryl's leader trait proved to be too much in order for gameplay to not be weighted in favour of players with that combination of traits. We do acknowledge that communication on our side was completely lacking, and for this we do offer our sincerest apologies. For those that have purchased for example the Rick Bundle, it's important you read this message here:

Feedback regarding XP Tents, low level challenge missions and communication from us to you is also being considered. As always, we'll continue reading your comments and posts regarding these elements of the game to get them just right.

We look forward to having more discussions with you here on our forums and vastly appreciate the love and support you all have provided for No Man's Land thus far. We'd also like to thank the Guild Council and @SlickRick for reaching out to us recently regarding the state of the game.

The No Man's Land Community team: @Nekobasu, @Shadowkeeper and myself.

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