Working Together To Repair The Game...NML Guild Council Intent



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    Soon it will be September...

    The people at NextGames, don't care about the Guild Council...

    No respect...

    I am sorry that I spent one Dollar on this game, let alone hundreds of Dollars...

    A pitiful situation...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

    ggbatsPapacasGreenBalloon[Deleted User]
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    My current setting is "Cautiously optimistic."
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    Hi @SlickRick,

    What do you mean please by: "...Yes we're still on a spending freeze for all larger purchases..."

    Shouldn't the freeze be total?

    SlickRick[Deleted User]
  • I think it's both noble and foolish to try and "fix" the game. We're the players, not the developers.
    It's a great game but only they can make or break it.
    And don't believe for a second about a spending freeze. Ask the top ranked guilds if they've gone without. Answer is no, which is why "boosters" were deemed ok by the GC. People were going to spend anyway
    Noble & foolish to think 2,000 individuals are going to change a company that caters to millions
  • mongo911mongo911 Member Posts: 939

    They cater to no one...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    Well spoken
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    In addition , please don't think we are inactive waiting for the updates , we have dialogue several days a week with NG and bring up smaller issues and information about bugs as well.. you can be assured that any new hot topic that arises on the forums is also brought up immediately in the council chat with them. We are still working for you folks and our guild mates. Any questions at all , please don't hesitate to ask them in this thread :)

    Speaking of which.. @Shteevie @OldGoth @Teeceezy for the love of all things holy , may you please sticky this thread?
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    You're one of the good ones @Neil_J
    Cheers man
  • @Shteevie the GC is a farce as they talk about everyone not spending meanwhile they have hoards of gold. Easy for them to say don't spend, they don't need upgrades or new gear.
    And I learned early on they didn't ask for what I felt affected me the most.
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    My horde couldn't attract a newt, let alone a dragon.
    SlickRickSgtSalami[Deleted User]
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    Here lizard, lizard, lizard...
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    edited September 2016
    @GC as a member or former member of several top ranked guilds, I keep seeing these "This is from the guild council, don't share with the forum". Why is it some big secret handshake agency? Only cool kids allowed?
    Did the guild council directly get NG to give us all those radio's the week before last? This week's Hunter event? No I believe NG is the ones making decisions for NG.
    I said I believe what you're doing is noble but I don't believe you control anyone's gaming fate. Those that stick around do so for the promise of this game to be as fun as it was. NG has more #'s and data about us in this game than even we know. They knew they were losing players so they changed some things.

    Any members of the GC take advantage of Back Alley being a repeatable? Which from my understanding is exactly opposite of what NG wants. But hey, whatever helps your star total right? Please support us and don't spend but watch us grab those stars.

    Kudos to @masmith93 for knowing what I was talking about.

    And no, I've never wanted to join the cool kids club, but thanks for the invite.
  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,747
    So what about back alley? I got 441 stars. Could have gotten more, but my gold ran low. Didn't buy more.
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