Working Together To Repair The Game...NML Guild Council Intent



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    Hey! I resemble those remarks @Necroboogie! I'm no mole! Now, I occasionally moonlight as a purser on a cruise ship!

    @jls_killer It is time to watch reruns of The Love Boat on TVLand and see you on a cameo :)
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    You took the only strategy.. I've questions about whats the new strategies? There is none interrupt and pierce on the same weapon.. Except 20/30% of the time, there is no new strategy its the SAME ONE just 20%30% of the time. Ridiculous you "fixed" something that wasn't broke lol
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    @Pic Piercing doesn't work for walkers 4 lvls above you...that lvl there is no strategy
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    am I the only person that finds the title of this thread both ironic and funny in light of the 2.2?
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    Ah, I see your point.
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    Thanks for pointing out unclarity.
    I edited that sentence. What I meant was a discussion about developer bashing. It was a big post typed on my phone due to my laptop being broken. It's hard editing on five inches of glass.
    If you look at my last sentence (not edited) I explicitly invite to constructive on topic duscussion about the game.
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