Working Together To Repair The Game...NML Guild Council Intent



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    @Terminates what was it? My wit or my spunk? :wink:
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    The guild council is open to all who want to contribute. Feel free to pm me for more information.
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    Regarding designated threads for venting and blowing off steam: This is a public forum where discussion has to be held to a certain standard and the fact is that threads like that rarely meet it.
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    I address you never respond...

    I'm getting a complex...

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    @tammy I understand your concern and apologies for not responding to you. These threads tend to heat up at night when I at least should be fast asleep. :sweat_smile: There's no need to worry, however. You absolutely do have right of reply without having to worry about consequences.

    Exhibit A: No moderating actions on anyone in this thread (at least after page 26, I didn't bother to scan further).
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    @javajnkie You know you drive me crazy when you show off all your wonderful talents ;)


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    I would like to see this thread get back on topic and less about prime rib and shoes and white knighting and other junk. There were some heavy duty serious discussions going on in here and they've gone off the rail big time. It isn't funny that many reasonable requests for changes in the game are getting ignored by NG even though many players have spoken. I hope no one gets their butt hurt but really would like to see this get back on topic.
  • We can't have this happen guys!
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    Ok so the shoes are an indulgence of thought...but the prime rib is completely on topic!! Was an analogy....I was trying different angles of attack, because despite many of us using plain old English, NG still doesn't seem to understand what we are upset about :smile:


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  • I'm upset that I don't have the Father Gabriel Outfit yet! Come on NG, give me that suit... I want a badass priest in my lineup killing walkers! :)
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    Just want to point out @zbot

    The player union that the guy was talking about in the thread you closed is not specifically the guild council,.. It's a union of both who are agrevated at what's happening in the game,.. Directing all similar posts will result in week ones picture,..
    Or is that the aim here?

    Just curious
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  • I find it odd that a person who has publicly disavowed the guild council should be on this thread at all. But to be on here mocking and derailing the thread is beyond the pale. It seems some people have carte blanche where the forum is concerned. @Teeceezy, with apologies.
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    @Top8dog , from what I understood from the users post seemed like user was late to the GC party and needed directions. Also If there's a separate "union" it is welcomed to start another thread as long as it follows the rules.
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    zbot said:

    @Top8dog , from what I understood from the users post seemed like user was late to the GC party and needed directions. Also If there's a separate "union" it is welcomed to start another thread as long as it follows the rules.

    Thanks for ya quick reply :)

    I wouldn't have gone as far as he did to call it a union,.. I just don't want the gc being closed down,... It's a good intentioned thread :)
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    TCZ got up in the middle of the night to make sure the GC thread wasn't derailed & didn't get shut down. In my book that shows that the players do have power and NG cares enough about what we're saying to lose sleep over it.

    ** Is there a specific topic the GC would like us to focus on? **
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    What 3 improvements would you like to see in-game?
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    Assuming that "make them be like they were before," is not an option, how do you suggest the traits be fixed?
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    Assuming playing this game with nerfed traits is not an option, would Amazayn's suggestion be realistic?

    Certainly there could be something between 2.1 and 2.2, but I don't see an NG official making a constructive proposal. Therefore insisting on our demands is the most constructive way to follow this thread's title: "repair the game".
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    1) Please Take the Freeman OFF Steroids! It's ok if they want to "beef up" a little.. but Steroid use is Illegal here in the States :joy:

    2) Fix current Bugs please .. Creepy Crawlies freak me out!!!

    3) Interrupt... can we find a happy medium? Not saying go back to how it was.. just give it a lil love atleast??
    That just might make those that are clearly upset about it, smile again :blush:
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    I think personally would be begrugdeingly happy to go along with atleast a 50/50 chance of interupt working and with no lvl cap,. There just appears to be no compromise coming from the game end,.. Lots of players have mentioned many workable ideas
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    Fix interrupt back to exactly what it was (100% does not = 60 percent of the time with zombies up to a certain level and then 0 % after , same as 2+2 does not equal 5)

    Availability of level appropriate gear and legendary gear back to a guaranteed level at par with your survivors (like it always has been before 2.2)

    Reinstating of Swift strike back to 45 % max (because why fix Swift strike after months of player reports being ignored and make Scouts useful again just to take it away a few weeks later?

    These are just the top 3 things I think should be returned , the GC's original requests have still not all been addressed on top of all of that .

    Also , rare gear in gold crates is a backwards and terrible part of this game that hurts the players and developers equally . Same as auto center , it's bush league to have it even existing . Only speaking for myself in this post.
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    I agree with almost all the posters on this thread, even the ones who disagree with my current pov. But I want to call attention to what @Marie__Gaga just did. (Well done btw). The game really isn't playable as it is right now & the nerfs made the Fun Factor plummet.

    I'd like to get to the place where NG can comfortably stand and say, "Yup. 2.2b combat balancing is finished, and the proc rates are what we were aiming for." Bc I really don't want to believe NG meant to screw up the secondary traits (swift strike, charging, etc) like they did. Or that it would be all body shots after a certain RSL. Or that they were intending our survivors to get injured against freemen 3 levels below them. But I do think they were trying to make it so that only really good players could get freemen +3 their level.

    My inner-Pollyanna insists that NG Analytics is busy analyzing & Dev is busy developing both the proc rates & the synergistic properties of those traits so they are more powerful when stacked together. The stacking of traits for optimum (reliable!) effect is what made NML strategies fun

    And for the love of all things NML, can I get a "reduced body shots" survivor trait plz?!
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