Working Together To Repair The Game...NML Guild Council Intent



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    Was just looking to cheer you up.
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    As they say, the large print giveth, the small print taketh away...
    The disconnect between what I read in game and what I read here only grows. My guildmate is not a forum user and to try to explain what is actually going on with his gear takes an entire coffee night. I'm so glad he's local.
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    @Shteevie Im sure players don't mind the/a harder challenge, but EXP was significantly lowered from level 15+ Freeman while their Health increased dramatically. EXP is always running short at higher levels, but to have to work harder for less is really tough to swallow.

    Making a event from a challenge like this would have been a great idea, the shooter event was nice: but I, probably like most, abandoned the challenge for EXP runs to take advantage of the event. Extra reward bounties for Freeman or for challenge stars would have tied into last season's theme.

    New content is great, Tradeshop awesome, a lot of the trait changes that came around the same time, not so much ;) New enemies, maps, and season 7 missions magnificent
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    I refrained from replying to shteevies post because I hoped someone like yourself who can be more verbaly refined and constructive could say what I wanted to but without my vocabulary which is often short, blunt,. Untactile and to the point

    100% agree,.. Well said
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    Whether it's accurate or not, when one sports the GC badge that person's post is going to reflect on the GC. Js it's hard to know the difference sometimes when reading other threads :blush:
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    We've got badges?
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    I've never been able to quote here, but @blynknz has an awesome idea up above. @Shteevie @OldGoth @Teeceezy please take notice.
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    Very special badges. Legendary badges if I might say so myself.

    Which of course makes me want to tag @Teeceezy so that you guys really do get badges. Lawd knows you deserve them for all the work you put into this!
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    Oooo...... @blynknz
    I'm diggin it! Simple and sweet and easy to understand! :)
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    If the gc get a badge I'm joining lol
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    I'm straightforward and honest, sometimes blunt, in my opinions and don't beat around the bush*. If that's seen as adversarial, then whosoever sees that just needs to grow a pair!

    *Exception made when I'm in poetic mode.....
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    Full support to @SlickRick and his great commitment.
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    Just thought I'd leave this here if anyone wonders why a ban on watching ads could be useful to players,.. It's just a snipet mind :smiley:
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    Those are the figures for compass point west and that is a good arpdau according to gaming standards. I'm sure TWD: NML does much much better multiplied by many more players so that's very interesting find. Thanks!
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    Found this an Intreasting read too,.. Posted it once with the link but apparently it needs to be approved :neutral:

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    @Marie__Gaga Yup on interrupt without a doubt.
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    @Top8dog cool find and read there! Thanks for sharing.

    Btw is that TEEZ On the right of this pic checking the forums on his computer , lol.
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    Mark said:

    @Top8dog cool find and read there! Thanks for sharing.

    Btw is that TEEZ On the right of this pic checking the forums on his computer , lol.

    I'll see yours and raise you 8 :wink:

    Come guys guess who's who,.....

    Any mods or staff wanna own up?? Lol
    Would nice to put a face to the names,.. Makes ya seem more human :wink:

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    Don't you guys realise that this thread is looking more and more like a stalker club?

    That being said, I'm the second one from the left, top row, and I have a 25 tot 30 hours commute (depending on traffic).
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    MadPuppy said:

    Don't you guys realise that this thread is looking more and more like a stalker club?

    That being said, I'm the second one from the left, top row, and I have a 25 tot 30 hours commute (depending on traffic).

    Everybody needs a stalker lol,....

    For some reason I pictured you as being the guy top right,... Why I don't know lol
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    I just wanna know whos the guy who took away my interrupt...
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    SlowMo said:

    I just wanna know whos the guy who took away my interrupt...

    -I'm the guy that made Interrupt not work during bodyshots. Well, one member of the team, anyways. We're not hiding from it; if you have thoughts you can post them here or send them to my inbox.
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    Props to you for taking "partial" blame.. @Shteevie My thoughts... Please bring it back.. I asked nicely so that should count for something! :sunglasses:

    PS.. You may have started a witch hunt! :wink: good luck with that! :joy:
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    The interrupt nurf, the new Coke idea for NG. Take your best thing, loved by all, and change/diminish it. Brilliant strategy NG....
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    At least Coke realized it's error and changed it back....hmmm, I wonder why they're #1?
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