Working Together To Repair The Game...NML Guild Council Intent



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    @jester ,I have worked in Government where progress is measured in taking "years" so I'm not too concerned about a few days/weeks. Plus, it's like I got a pay raise!
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    You are one of the most valuable players for NG. They should really respect what are you doing. I can't wait the results of this balancing proposal. It's really huge thing!
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    I truly appreciate this collaborative effort to work with NG to bring about positive changes and make this game fun again. I'm proud to be a member of a participating guild.

    However, I would be remiss not to mention that a similar effort by Vault112 a couple months back was neither applauded nor joined. Rather, it was shot down from all directions. But their fall from the top 3 demonstrates that they were serious about attempting to effect change. Let's hope the rest of us share that same fortitude.
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    @Rorshack @jester
    Wouldn't the quickest and easiest thing to say "I asked what guild you are in to see if you have a member in the council"
    There seems to be a lot of shit said that didn't need to be.

    (But maybe I missed something. I am tired at the moment and some of those posts were a bit too long to read.)
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    @Rorshack Re. your #9 on the 11 point list... Many months ago we used to get gas all over the place at the wall. Just another item that have trimmed back.
    Agree with your entire list.
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    Any hint on what we can expect the changes be? Or in which aspect of the game?
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    Guild MaggiesSweetAss looks forward to great things from NextGames NML 3.0
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    Yep +1
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    Thanks @jester,I'll relay this back to my guild and let them decide for themselves. I, however, am bit of a skeptic. Trust but verify.
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    ....what @LadyAquila said ;)

    (Just realized not everyone may watch TWD, but if you're a fan you'll be able to connect my statement with the last season :# )
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    I understand if you feel a little let down @DangerB, but I think there are a lot of players that are still not spending. Personally, I won't be buying bundles or boosters right now, as I want to see more results first.

    Even if I wanted to buy a booster (which I don´t do...) I would not be able to do so, since NG decided to remove the in app buy option from Bluestacks player...I´m safe from any offer :blush:
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    With all respect, you've had a chat you but you can't say anything, i accept that BUT they (ng) can and all they've said is walker week, here's what you did last week and in order to to help you get there you can buy something.
    All this shows me is that they're getting desperate for money.
    I won't be changing my current boycott on spending and watching ads because one of my main gripes is related to communication and this hasn't changed as far as i can see.
    Plus why would i start spending to earn broken tokens? 120 bruiser, 120 hunter, 120 shooter tokens plus 5000 tg's is the top reward. If you truly think thats a prize worth chasing then good luck to you, imo the only one winning here is next games as you all spend on gas to get there.
    So from my position nothings changed after two weeks except that they appear to be getting desperate but they still won't communicate with us the community. When they have an announcement I'll reconsider my position.
    I wish the council goodluck in the future talks but be careful to make them give an official response to us as anything you guys extend to us doesnt bind them until they say it officially.

    Edit: didn't we have an optional update yesterday but no update notes? Nothing has changed.
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