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    @Sleestak tbh the most people I've seen quit is over the token economy
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    @blynknz won't say anymore but it's nothing players can take advantage of & agree that would be an unfair advantage, for instance walker week was 1 of them since it's already been announced. But I'm still scrapping gear like the next guy lol
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    @jester @PimpOfTheDead
    That's fine, but I think it is something to be aware of in future if any information does get released.
    Obviously if you get a couple of days advance notice then that is fine. The content creators (used to) get that.
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    @PimpOfTheDead, I believe you if you say you have seen this happen. All I can tell you is that I have seen 12-15 very active players quit my guild just because of spending loads of time grinding out meaningless stars all week, every week. Not once has anyone said, "I can't level up my new Abraham fast enough, I quit!".....they have all said, "I don't have the time to invest in challenges" or "this has ceased to be fun and is more like a chore" or "this game has become too boring"
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    @Sleestak most of the people quitting in the game that I've heard of & the same reason members of our guild left is due to the 14 types of tokens being way to overwhelming & feeling that not only was NG trying to suck the $ out of us but the life as well. It's also the reason I almost quit myself, being a maxed player the grind doesn't bother me so much, as I think of the low lvl players who struggle with lvl 10 walkers still, but I could have more tokens then I currently have with my 700+ radios, but it doesn't seem worth wasting them, but feel really bad for some f2p players that will take years for them to get a max hero, as right now the heroes are even useless & pointless for the p2p players.
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    Haven't seen so many players leave since 2.0 so hoping they turn it around still
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    Pray NG comes to their senses and doesn't destroy one of the great intellectual properties in the World. #hopefulcynic #laststraw #contentdrivesspending
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    @SlickRick, we lost at least 4 or 5 really good players before 2.0. All because grinding had sucked the life out of them and the game. We lost only one after 2.0 and many are on the fence.Token economy is the cause now.
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    Well I'm a mid range player and don't mind the early challenge levels it's nice to have some easy rounds before they get too hard with walkers lvl above my survivors and I love getting stars for my guild, I even have 2 profiles and am in a 2nd baby guild - the lower and mid range players need to be remembered in any changes to challenges , too many tokens types and the radio calls are not sufficiently aligned for hero tokens, go back to upgrading normal survivors with XP, allow XP for rejecting survivors, update XP tent for more XP production, align heroe tokens correctly for radio calls and offer more heroe tokens in gold crates, don't change my weapons in my inventory after I've purchased or received from a crate because their mine, if NG wish to rebalance it should only affect future weaponry, auto centre mildy annoying but not a game changer the above issues I see as requiring urgent review IMHO
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    The huge number of tokens is my biggest beef
    Yes, the challenges are really boring, but I can wade through that
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    @SlickRick & @Council
    Did NG give any indication that they are considering simplifying the token system so that there are not so many different types?
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    Unfortunately, no.
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    bun said:

    Biggest risk of burnout imo is not only low level challenges, but also having multiple repeatable maps. Combined with a 30 minute timer it puts too much pressure on people in competative guilds.

    100% agree with you on that @bun
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    How bout for future challenges every time we play it's a random new map from the hundreds NG must have accumulated over the year now from both Challenge AND Old story missions

    New location tilesets should have a debut week but if it's not a new map week we should be able to mix it up location and mission wise to get stars like this mission set this week is very fun because it's from many different tilesets

    I.e. If we beat six random tilesets in one go, once the countdown ends a new six gets randomly generated from old archives

    @Teeceezy @jester @SlickRick @SpacemanSpiff @DarkFae @masmith93 @eetu @Boruto
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    Every time we beat a mission it changes to a new mission from the archives randomly....I would die if I have to play the same map 6x before I get anything of value from the challenge boxes. At least this alleviates boredom
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    - Idea

    A simple solution would be to tier the weekly challenge much like we see in other parts of the game. Bronze/Silver/Gold. If you do well enough in one tier you get to move up to the next. If you continue to do well and don't miss a week then you stay in the tier you have earned or possibly get promoted. If you miss a week and/or fail enough missions then you move down into a lower tier.

    - Rules:

    - Players can only play one tier per week so any demotion/promotion will take affect and remain in affect the following week.
    - Each progressing tier will present a more challenging mode of play.

    - Structure:

    Bronze - Regular Mode - 1 level each grind - Fail a mission stay where you are
    Silver - Hard Mode - 3 levels each grind - Fail 3 missions or more, get demoted - Lose 2 missions or less move up get a medium crate bonus. (So that the people in the bronze tier don't end up with more crates than people in silver tier)
    Gold - Nightmare Mode - 5 levels each grind - Fail 2 missions or more, get demoted - Lose 1 mission or less stay and get a big crate bonus (to make up for the fact that players didn't earn crates from the missions they skipped)

    See simple. It's balanced so that if a player doesn't want to move up its easy not to without losing a lot of gas and it will discourage higher level players from trying to farm higher level rooms for gear. Will it happen? Who knows and if it does it most likely will happen in such a twisted and unintended way that it will be hugely unpopular, but you asked so there it is.
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    @DarkFae That might help. After playing this game for 8+ months, I think I have reached the point of burnout(again) with running all of theses missions I have done before. The 1 gas challenge missions and bonus gas dropped in exploration missions now actually is making it worse because I am doing missions that I have done so many times already. While the format of this weeks challenge may be different, they are still the same missions I have done many times before. If I take advantage of the bonus gas, it just makes me more burnt out. The exploration missions are a total snooze, and outposts doesn't work well. It is getting to the point that I need to take a break from this. The next update really needs to address the issue of introducing new content, or I may be done (at least for a while).
    TheLostOnes[Deleted User]InspTurbinesSlickRick
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    We just lost two more members of my guild just today alone (we have lost 6 total on or before 2.0!). Both have said they are burned out by the game. Sad, they were both good contributers.
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    @DLich, the two that left today were 48 or 49. I'm a 51, and stay in hopes of some new content. I personally don't expect to max out (I won't spend the funds), but there has to be more to keep me coming back. Something needs to happen sooner or later, or just I might have to break out some old games: Medal of Honor, Final Fantasy or Sonic the Hedgehog!
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    I really wish they created some different events.
    They can cycle through the events. They could be 5 day events. Each event has prizes and scoreboards.

    Kill the walkers. This is where maybe 2 or 3 times a day, you go up against another guild for 1 hour. Each member plays. They have to kill as many walkers as possible until their last survivor falls. Get points for the number/level or walkers the guild kills + points for beating the other guild.

    Strongest guild. Similar to above, where 2 times a day you go up against another guild, but its guild versus guild and survivors vs survivors. Real time (but still turn based), in a random map Defeat the other team to win.

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    @blynknz those sound like good ideas, I've been thinking this game needs a better type of pvp besides the outposts, real time would be great. I do think your second idea would be better suited for player vs player rather than guild vs guild though. Mostly due to the fact that it would be next to impossible to get everyone in the guild on at the same time for a real time pvp situation. Even in the tightest, most active guilds, schedules vary too much and someone would be left out. An individual real time pvp arena, would be great though, each players team is dropped into an arena with a bunch of walkers, and fight each other while dealing with walkers until only one players survivor(s) still stand....
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    @Baggywrinkles, maybe you are right. That doesn't have to be guild.
    I have played other games that are at a guild level, and you can attack non active players. But of course the game dynamics were different.
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    how technically difficult is it for real chess like PvP given this is a turn based game? Would love to play against real people even if it is slower
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