No Guild Appications since the 100 gold guild ad began even after spending 100 guild for the ad

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My guild has had 0 guild applications since the advent of the new 100 gold guild ad started to put people's guilds at the top slot for applications. This was never a problem before. Whenever we had a space open, we had immediate applications and no problems filling a spot. Now for the last 10 days we have had no applications even though we have a slot open. Is this now the equivalent of monetizing the act of getting new guild members?


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    What!?! I think next games oy is trying to kill this game out of spite at this point. That's completely ridiculous. SMH :/ I had no idea that existed until you said something.
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    Knew it existed and actually didn't mind the idea of jumping to the top of the list. I had no idea it was stopping other guilds from seeing any applicants. That sucks. Please tell me this is not working as intended or is a visual bug.
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    DarkFae said:

    What!?! I think next games oy is trying to kill this game out of spite at this point.

    Not the aim. Come on now.

    As for your question @SgtSalami, it's possible that players that randomly apply for guilds are more tempted to apply for the one right at the top. There is also a known issue that some guilds got plenty of applicants (to the point they couldn't receive any more) where as others got none. We're working on that for a future update.
  • It's also almost impossible to search for any guild now as there may be many similar guild names but it just shows you the same few over and over.
    ex; walker lover
    walker hater
    walker possible
    walker slayers
    walker gods.
    It will only show the top few and if you wanted "gods" it won't pull it up.
    Many guilds with a family of guilds have the same names making it impossible to get the exact one you want.
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    @Teeceezy Thanks for the reply. We are not a big popular guild, but we never had a problem filing our guild up to 20 people before, and every time we booted some inactives we had immediate applications to our guild and restocked. Now we have had 0 apps for the last 10 days and are stuck at 19.
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    @SgtSalami Maybe just a sign that the game goes down ?
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    I don't get the idea. Guild pays 100 gold and is on top of some list. A minute later another guild makes that payment and is on top of the list. Would that be the same list? Or does every country has its own list? Because if not if I pay 100 gold and then another 10 guilds do the same, I will drop down in that list very quickly with no benefit made.

    Of course if that guild would pay another 100 gold... do I get the idea or doesn't it work that way?
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    We had an open spot on monday - and the same spot free again on tuesday as we had to kick the new member... (don't ask why o:) ) - and had no issues with ingame applications. We were able to reject abt. 12-15 ppl (in total for both days) and found new players (one each day) without spending 100G for the "super-duper advertisement" option.

    Now we have 2 members with the same name, but that's another story... :#

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    @JackBauer Maybe
    @Lightfeet Interesting.
    @CanadianMike That would be my guess.
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    It's just an option for new or casual guilds to use if they want since maybe harder for them to recruit. Otherwise we can all just recruit on forums for free. Top/competitive guilds dont get benefit from Ad because they have specific requirements
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    @Movado The whole point is we had no problem filling members until they added this option. Whenever spaces opened people, came in. Now we will have to pay 100 gold or work to recruit.
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    I agree 1000% ! Money trap again ! :/
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    I agree too. Funny, I said this a few days ago in a different thread and was roundly bashed for my cynicism. Guess it depends on who reads them.
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    Since I started a guild when I was a newb, I didn't even realize that people might be applying from a guild search. I've assumed that everyone I got, I got from my ad here in the forums.

    I've known that if you are 20/20, you don't see any guild applications, but thought closed was a new option, which I assume they added to remedy that.

    Open = people auto join, request =elders and leader can choose whether to accept, closed= no one can apply, and should be shuttled to bottom of list? @Teeceezy
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    The funny thing is we never had to advertise. This week has been different. One of our guild mates threw in the towel tired of all the BS. Now all we are getting is newbs and I mean levels 5-7. We get a lot of traffic probably because we are on the local board, but I'll be damned if we will pay to advertise! There definitely has been an attrition of top end players since 2.0!
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    But previously, there was no way to assure your guild would pop-up on first page of someone searching, so some guilds would've still had trouble recruiting. This at least gives you option to advertise. How is it different from paying for an ad in newspaper....either small ad in back, or front-page bigger ad?

    100 gold still way better than direct need for money such as $1.99 or however much.
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    @Movado I don't think we should have to pay for an ad, like one in a newspaper, to get people to join our guilds.
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    My question - how does a guild pay the 100 gold? Is it the leader that has to pay this? Seems a silly idea to me
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    @Black_Jack Yes, I believe the leader is since I don't see the option for me. I have been an elder in this guild for 6 months and we never had a problem immediately getting new members the moment one person left or was booted for inactivity. Now that they have offered us this lovely "option" of using gold, my guild has had zero applicants in the past two weeks. My guild is not a big or small guild, but rather a medium one with decent activity. It seems that usually when one of these kind of pay options are added something gets screwed up.
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    @Teeceezy @SgtSalami has a point. Ever since the guild ads started, the guild search has been messed up.

    We've seen the following problems.

    1.Cant find guild at all even by spelling it properly.
    2.Guild is found but it shows full when people in the guild including the leader see up to 2 spots open.
    3. Once this problem was found, screenshots were taken to reveal the search when the guild total stars was seen was old data for approximately 2 weeks old. All leaders have cleared their cache, signed out and in to Game Center/Google Play.

    I've personally made another account just to try to find out why people can't find or show the guild is full when it is not.

    While doing this search, I found quite a few guilds with one member. Is it possible for NG to auto close guilds with no activity for 6mo or greater? This could help clean up the search. Either that or increase the amount of search results so people can find the guilds they are looking for but also reset the server or find out why there is a 1-2 week lag showing guilds full when they are not?
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    WHAT!?!?!? I'm just reading this thread...yes I'm slow ....

    Guilds are able to pay to be on top of the search list????

    That, I'm out of polite words...

    I had no idea

    I'm going to ponder this...prolly for about 1 more minute till I go into a


    We are a tiny insignificant guild...we are trying to is that possible to do when the option for peeps to join us is eroded by the buying power of the big guild families?

    I'm not trashing those big guilds...most of my long term TWD friends are in them...I'm trashing you NG, for giving an advantage to those guilds who are already receiving recognition and attention because they are on top...

    How about some balance in this aspect of the game please @Teeceezy @OldGoth


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    Money grab, as is everything else. And on top of the grab, it's an insulting amount. They have no shame.
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    @tammy I can promise you that the "big" guilds are not using this feature... There are way too many stipulations for most top guilds to take an in game request without knowing more information about them.. I definitely think this is geared toward new or less known guilds that can't be easily searched for!

    But I do think the cost is too high and there are obviously flaws in the system!
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    Good point...I was with conquer until recently...I'm not sure when this was introduced, but yeah, conquer never has to pay to get's we smaller guilds that struggle, but this is another unfair $ grab

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    @OldGoth @Teeceezy We still have had no guild applications since this change. Our guild is down to 16 members now due to people slowly stopping. I asked the leader to spend the 100 gold for the 24 hour ad to get new members or our guild would waste away. He did, and guess what, still no applications. What is going on?

    We used to have no problem getting new applications and could pick and choose our members. Now we have not had one application in more than a month even when paying for the guild ad. There is a real problem here.

    In addition, our guild name is a common one (The last of us), and it won't show up in guild searches because so many match the name. The way the guild system is set up we cannot change the name to something more distinctive. I asked my leader to do it, and he said it was not a possible option. Must we disband the guild and reform?

    This needs to be fixed.
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    This feature isnt worth using for an established guild, better off using the guild forum and vetting potential players. It auto excepts new players, meaning any old noob can join and waste your time by not doing anything but take up a spot.
    For a new guild it may be great but we've had nothing but trouble with random walkins just starting the game and not even saying hello.
    The best place we've found is the forum section as a player has atleast the nouse to find the forums.
    And as mentioned allows your guild to state any requirements.
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    @DIblis Did you read my posts? The whole point is that it was never necessary to do any of that and we were rolling in applications, and since they added the option to use 100 guild to advertise, we have never received 1 application and still have not even when using the 100 gold option (for the last month 0 applications, before constantly turning people away whenever we had openings ). Recruiting in the guild section will do absolutely nothing since they cannot find our guild now with the search option. They totally screwed things up.

    This advice will not help.
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    @SgtSalami , moved to game issues. Submit a in game support request so support can take a look.
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