How To get Trade Goods Super Fast! (Outposts method)

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Hi guys

Some of you might already know it. If you play using this then your survivors won't get bruised or injured and you will keep piling up TG

If you are interested in it and want a live demo, then watch the video



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    @painclasher I want to start by saying I always enjoy your videos, and you should've been the one to do a Hero video (rather than those teeny-bopper youtubers)

    But this one, come on man, let's not stand on ceremony here, lol. Seemed like you spent a gazillion TG's just to search the right opponent and it seems only applies at the lower tiers. At the 4,000 Inf tier there's only lvl 19 legendaries, everywhere we look. I think dropping influence would be the main start :smile:
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    @SpacemanSpiff I did 15 raids today and I climbed high by the time I recorded this.

    I know above 4000 there are only legendaries but if you look at the leaderboards there are like what... 200 players above 4000! The majority of players are between 0-2000 influence

    I am not an outpost player and I don't care about influence. I am collecting radios for another burning radio video :)
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    Even if you do not care about should take care of staying in your tier @painclasher

    Certainly a nice vid for mid level players until they will meet the first omni-dodging defenders.
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    I did 25 raids yesterday with 100% success and only 5 times my team was bruised.
    Outposts are pretty easy with good tactics.
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    @Amiga Don't know why but most players put their weakest survivors in Outposts.
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