Everyone needs to stop their whining.



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    Perdtin said:

    So now we need to collect hummingbird eggs that are found in a rectory? Does this mean Gabriel is going to be the next hero? And if we park there on a Sunday we lose three Gabriel tokens, even though you only have two?

    I am going to play checkers now. I almost understand that.

    Don't worry, there's enough of me to go around :smile:
    @gabriel_lwh Cool. I am now scratching off the names of Glenn, Maggie and Daryl tokens and putting your name on. Please tell me you have luck, dodge, bullet dodge and retaliate. I am thinking about the 5th trait, but those are good to start.
    @supporterofnextgames you are hell of a coward who, in a perilous emergency, thinks with his legs !!!

    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing the walking dead no man's land." (qtn. from George B. Shaw)
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    Mod note: @supporterofnextgames is not a dual account and thus does not break any rules. Also, I wasn't aware that going against the grain with the hivemind is considered trolling. EDIT: Having re-read the OP, I do agree that @supporterofnextgames could have been more subtle and avoid baiting when bringing his point across. I'm going to close this thread before it (further) escalates in to a witch hunt.
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