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Hello Admin/Devs and fellow Players,

I think it would be a great idea to add an in game notes section to the game. Make like a tab underneath the trophy tab that leads to a section where players can jot down notes about the game that will help or enhance game play. Something that can be added to or edited by the players at any given time. What does everyone else think about this idea?


  • I thought about this too, great idea
  • @i8azmbe @Teeceezy

    I still like this idea myself. I hope it's something they will look into :)
  • Dont think so, too many notes to read. Players would be unhappy if they have good ideas and never get an answer. Maybe this forum is a better place, because you can comment on ideas. Difficult enough für the devs to find the best ones put them in the game.
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    This is not for sending notes to NG employees. This idea is to keep game notes for yourself as you play the game so that you can keep track of what you are doing and plan to do to push your game forward. Like what buildings you want to upgrade next, which missions yielded the best farming potentials. Or which missions to take which team formations on for best results. Stuff like that. Like the notes you take in class or when you are learning something to help yourself remember.
  • ahh, ok. sorry I got it wrong.
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    Ummmm already have a notebook going on my phone. Use the notes on there while I am playing on my tablet. I thought I was a super nerd for doing it :p Great minds think alike!

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