character Upgrade ideas: Break Level Limit/Achieving legendary status

Just some thoughts format couple unique in-game rewards for people who want to make use of their existing characters.

1) Rare reward for breaking level limit:
Choice to break level limiter max level character. Gives char access to 3 new levels, plus base damage boost. Ability to upgrade existing perks vianlevels by +5%

2)Achieving legendary status
Characters with "X" kills slowly upgrade their status:
Common -> Uncommon -> Rare -> Legendary

Perhaps these could be slightly weaker versions than obtained Rares and legendarys


  • Smokin_Joe_BlowSmokin_Joe_Blow Member Posts: 97
    Kind of a cool idea on increasing character abilities based on number of kills (whether increasing max level or upgrading base type. Would have to be a different number of kills depending on class. Obviously a bruiser would be far harder to improve than a hunter if the same number of kills was needed.
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