limit # of guilds and no NG employees in guilds.

With some guilds creating a monopoly it makes it really hard for other guilds to recruit. I can understand wanting to be in the top guild. But seriously why are guilds aloud to have more than 2 guilds. Then they have to constantly troll when you trying to recruit a player too?

Also with their being NG employees being in guilds is also taking the fun out of the game. NG shouldn't be in top guilds. Create a guild for employees only and have it be in the guild name.

In the years I have been playing phone app games. I have never seen anything like this. The separation from the top guilds to the rest is crazy, especially given how new this game is. Please address these issues or at least give a comment.


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    @WastelandDan agreeing with me and the latest weird weather? What a apocalypse next?
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    Well, there are (always) players who dont know how to play fair in every game. maybe because they are too weak to play fair. or too afraid to lose when they play fair. Cowards!

    i think NG dont have a control on their employees being in the game. They said that their employees play the game in their private life, during free time or when at home. NG could tell them to stop playing but they wont be sure what their employees do when they are at their homes. They could use other device to play besides what they use at work.
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    Not saying by any means that employees shouldn't be allowed to play at all. But have their own guild , maybe called NG employees.
    But look at fanduel and what happened with their employees. Employees playing usually doesn't have good consequences.
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    that is up to their employees.. NG cant stop them especially if they are playing secretly on other devices.
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    Please increase the Team limit to 25 or 30. and please introduce a feature who players are honored if they stay long in the same guild (maybe some advantages that are unlocked while collecting stars for the same guild).

    That would solve a lot
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    I agree with @shAd 100% about increasing guild size.
    With that this is my last post in the forums. Done recruiting and almost done with this game. Some of you will be cheering I'm sure. But I was trying to do is help make this game even for the majority of players. Obviously that will never happen. It is all about how much you spend. Even if it means taking a chance of your spouse leaving you. Which no free phone app game is worth.

    Good luck to everyone. To the casual player I feel sorry for you.
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    I'm not aware of any NG employees in my guild but I don't think they can really prevent thier employees from creating a name and playing just like everybody. I can't imagine how this hurts the game. Are you afraid the top guilds are only at the top because they have employees somehow "hacking" the game? I can attest that the top guilds are there because thier members score high. There's no secret or conspiracy. They just play a lot and well.
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    As long as there isn't any cheating going on, then NG employees can play in any guild they want...

    And there isn't a way to stop people from making 2 guilds and working together... it's not like the guild has 40 people while yours has 20... it is still 3 guilds with 20 people each...

    And finally, I think the casual players are happy... because they are casual... a casual person doesn't care about being in top 50... a hardcore player wants to be on top, and spends money etc..

  • OldGothOldGoth Staff Posts: 297
    We do allow and actually encourage our staff to play the game actively, including competitive play in guilds. Our staff do not get any benefits at all: they're using their own time and money to play, on normal devices and the same versions of the game you're all using.

    We're in different guilds, as normal players; we feel a Next Games only guild might feel too suspicious to many of you. Also, most of use are pretty casual players; we won't be giving you trouble on the leaderboards. And hey, we're just a handful of people, and there's hundreds of thousands of players. :)
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    Oldgoth, thanks for response, that's encouraging, although i think @Irish mob has some other valid points, regarding guild life, the amount of SOCO guilds for example is starting to get silly, quite why any decent player would feel the need to effectively audition, or someone else be happy to stay somewhere and get kicked because they only gt 190 starts that week and someone else got 210 in a feeder guild, but thats a diff issue.

    I don't doubt when wasteland dan puts so much effort into manintng thesis amount guilds, however that said having such a monopoly on the guild life will in time slowly kill the game, whenever any half decent player is available SOCO are first in, not sure how mnay guilds they have as Alys now but i bet half are not full ;-) However not sure what can really be done, other than perhaps a quiet look at really how many allies and how aggresive you go after every new player, and consider some your allies merge a little bit first, to make it a bit fairer.

    that said some way to make it harder to switch guilds, people cant switch mid challenge week ? Or leaders can't kick anyone unless they are inactive (0 stars) during a challenge week. or even if they can kick, can't replace someone unless the kicked person was 0 stars. stops people getting kicked mid challenge week

    maybe easier / better would be reward tiers for reaching x stars in the same guild, (50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 etc) doesn't even have to be gold reward could gold tickets, something that rewards loyalty. And may make it less interesting for some people to join a feeder guild to prove their worth.

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    @OldGoth I appreciate your response and honesty. But Soco has to troll other teams recruiting threads. Constantly spam and abuse the forums with no consequences. This makes recruiting very difficult and puts others at a disadvantage.

    What soco is allowed to do is slowly hurting the game. Would like to know if there are any plans for some changes?
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    @drinky You are correct... Any competitive player will want to join the top teams...

    But there is no real solution because people will always seek a guild that gets about the same number of stars that they do. So if I can get 250* I will want to be part of a guild where the min is 250*.

    And as the says goes, "if you can't beat them, join them!" And would the game be any less fun if all the guilds were part of Soco? The only people that are truly affected are those that want to be the leader vs being a member...

  • irishmobirishmob Member Posts: 482
    @Helio yes the game would be less fun if all guilds were soco. But some are followers and some are leaders.
    The saying that if you can't beat them join them huh. That tells me you gave up. Easier to be a follower.
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    "if you cant beat them join them?" hah! what about the saying "if you cant beat them, get stronger"
  • irishmobirishmob Member Posts: 482
    @aysatyo because joining them is the easier than getting stronger than them.
  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    @irishmob Technically I didn't give up because I never tried :) After running a successful CoC war clan, I have 0 desire to ever be a leader again....

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    Come on helio pull up your socks lol
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    You can be the leader of soco japan.
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    @Weasel007 that's funny, but now we will be hearing about soco japan.
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