Not happy

Hello guys, i open this topic to talk about things i care and lead me to my frustration..
First, how come the outfits cost so many gold?
Why dont we have good event and better drop?
My level is 32 radio tent 6 and i have nothing..
I spend so many hours for just repeating episode 10 mission supplies...
The game reach is limit. We should put more strategy on the game and using environment to survive...
Why is there no guild story mode?
Ive been playince since october, this is my first week challenge that im playing and i found it very boring.
I prefer repating episode 10 mission supplies and garher supplies than waiting boxes awith weekly chalenge. The prince of gazonline is 5 compare to what?? 9,10,11,12? For me its not worrh at all..
I hope dev are foing tonbe more creativecoz repeating for hours the same missions to improve just camp its not enough... What is your opinion?


  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    In many free to play games, this is just how it is. The repetitiveness is to encourage spending money in the game. Though NML still needs to work on end game material because people that are maxed out don't have much to do except the guild challenge.

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