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Hey guys,

We’re working towards the launch of the TV show’s season 7 in October. Before then, we want a bunch of things in place. As I feel like many of these address the concerns you’ve had, I wanted to talk about these in advance.

It’s very much in our interest to talk about things more openly in general, but the nature of game development is such that things tend to change all the time. It’s very hard to say anything definite until the next update is ready to be released. I ask for your understanding on this.

We keep close tabs on the forums and appreciate all the feedback. It’s really valuable in deciding where to go next with the game. If there’s communication we’ve missed on in the past, we’ve been able to count on you guys to point it out to us. It’s very much appreciated.

Having said all of this, there’s a lot we’re working on that I believe you’d want to know about, so here’s an update from the workshop.

We want to start having special Hero and class events on a re-occurring basis. These events will grant access to specific tokens, both in shop and attainable by just playing. First up is going to be the community challenge, Walker Week with class tokens up for grabs depending on how many walkers you all manage to kill next week.

The next update (2.1) is still in development. Here’s what’s planned (on top of loads of bug fixes):
  • Trade Goods shop is going to be revamped. It will include offers other than the reward crates you’re used to. It will refresh daily, with different, good deals to chase (including tokens and phones).
  • Challenge rewards are going to be improved. The rewards will vary over time, including tokens and radio phones.
  • New Challenge modes and maps.
  • Free daily radio call option added.
  • Exploding walkers.
Things we’re working on beyond 2.1:
  • Exploration missions are going to be re-done, accessible separate from the story maps.
  • New heroes.
  • More story episodes.
  • Trait balancing (multiple things being worked on which will be communicated in advance).
All in all, the overall economy needs substantial improvement (XP, Supplies, Gold cost, gear). There are plenty of other problems aside from “things are too expensive” (even though that’s true to some extent, too). We’re going to be giving it our focus over the coming updates. Depending on the changes, some of these may be live without an update. We will let you know then.

It’s been a great year so far. I can’t wait for season 7 to hit in October!

Thanks for playing!

Joonas Laakso
Executive Producer
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