What are the best Survivors/weapons to use at higher levels??

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I am looking to improve my strategy & team. Since the update I am finding it much harder at higher levels.

I know a lot of you study the game to get the best of it. I am currently level 48 with level 19 & 18 Epic Survivors.

Question 1 what are the best traits to have?

2, Best weapons to use at high level?

3, Best Survivors at higher level?

4, Best Strategy at high levels?

5, Best Armour?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated


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    I don't know about Traits because they keep changing and are not being factored into the game correctly right now. From what I can tell dodge, bullet dodge and luck are good to have. Also I can't find one specific place where they are listed and explained in detail for both the heroes and the new regular survivor traits (this information is buried in convos and lost at this point).

    Best Weapons: legendary/max base level pieces with 100% interrupt. Extra damage/luck/wide gage/arc are close 2nds.

    Hunters and shooters are still the best Survivors with assaults running a close 2nd if you have strong hunter/shooter back up and/or possibly warrior back-up.

    Best Strategy: Don't get hit, don't get close enough to go into struggle, attack from a distance.

    Best Armour: legendary/max base level pieces with dodge, bullet proof and stun resistance.
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    I don't think you need 100% interrupt if you have luck. If possible, having interrupt as the silver trait and luck as the gold would be better. Because when they stack (+ survivor luck) you will get to 100%
  • @blynknz

    Yeah that's why I placed luck 2nd. If gold luck then you only need silver interrupt is a given.
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    Thank you very much @DarkFae & @blynknz
    This is the problem I was having explaining to the guild with the new traits etc..

    I feel like I am out of sync myself and didn't know what to advise
  • I feel much the same regarding this matter. It is extremely hard to try and build a good team when one is forced to pour a ton of resources into characters whom you can not tell are worth it or not because relevant information about traits is scarce and you have no idea what you are getting until you consume massive quanties of resources in order to see. I have been critical of ngo in the past but this is very poorly thought out and horribly executed. It threatens to render the game unplayable. Sorry I couldn't be more help and good luck.
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