Radio Tent Level 7?

My radio tent is in the process of updating. I've been holding onto my radios, waiting until I could bring it up a level. Has anyone tried 15 radio calls with the level 7 tent? What kind f results are you getting?


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    Only thing the radio tent influences is the potential starting lvl of your survivor nothing else, not rarity, not its max lvl just its max potential starting lvl.
  • Necron99Necron99 Member Posts: 66 makes you wonder if even a little % goes up for drop rates? But anyways,
    I just got a Legendary Hunter, at level 5-15. Can't complain, heck no, very happy, but....his level was only "5" !!! Suppose to be 10. So I've been spending an extra day n a half going from 5-10. No problems with the rares and epics I've gotten from level 6 Radio tower.?! What gives??
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    It seems that a lot of the game mechanics has not been provided by mods even when we ask. We have to expose the info we gather or researched on.

    Yes, this is exactly why I am asking for other people's anecdotal evidence. ;)

    Okay, so I'm just slightly increasing my chances for a higher starting level (and therefore, also a higher maximum level) for each call?
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    Initial level survivors
    Current Value / Proposed New Value
    1-3 / 1-3
    1-5 / 2-5
    1-6 / 3-6
    1-8 / 4-8
    1-10 / 5-10
    1-12 / 6-12
    1-14 / 7-14

    The minimum should increase when upgrading the tent, not just the maximum.
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    Okay, so this morning I finished my radio tent upgrade and made a bunch of 15 radio calls. I have a maxed out council and training groups. Here's what I got.

    4* 11/19 Shooter
    3* 9/15 Bruiser
    4* 9/17 Scout
    4* 9/17 Scout

    3* 10/16 Bruiser
    3* 10/16 Scout
    3* 11/17 Warrior
    4* 9/17 Bruiser

    4* 8/16 Assault
    3* 9/15 Assault
    3* 11/17 Hunter

    So a reasonable number of epics, IMHO, although no legendaries. The ones that cap at level 17+ seem reasonable as well, given that the current level cap is 15. It means they ill be good for a couple of updates at least,. And almost half of them started at level 10 or up, which is reasonable.
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    What lv is your radio tent ?
    From what I have seen so far, I believe it is the only thing affecting radio call.
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    I just upgraded to level 7. Those calls were all level 7 radio tent.
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    So is it better to use a bunch of 1 radio calls, or a few 15 Radio calls?
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    I get this Monster Scout
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    What is better?

    Using 15 radios individually?
    Using 3 chances with the 5 radio option?
    Or risking it all and using 15 radios for ONE chance?

    Or should I stock up my radios till I level up my tent to level 5 or so?
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    15 call, wait has long has you can, they is pretty good high level survivor you can free in the game.
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    1 and 5 give you crap.
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    Unless you're really hurting for survivors, save your radios for 15 calls after you've maxed your radio tower
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    Good to know, thanks for the tip guys
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    Wow that's incredibly important! At first I didn't upgrade my radio at all because I figured if they start at level 1 I don't care I'll just level them up in a few hours. But then I drew a couple epics and a legendary who are MAX LEVEL 11 which is a horrible waste!

    The fact that starting level controls maximum level really needs to be in the ingame documentation!
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    Well I have put it in the wiki a few days ago.
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    I did one 15 call today, with a lv 5 radio tent (1-10) and got lucky with a 8/16 4* hunter.
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