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What are these star numbers for and (159+4) mean and how do I get them. I only get 1-2 if injured and only 3 when I get all. However, I never see the increase. Does taking injury or struggle affect this?


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    How do I get these star numbers
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    1 - Why has there been a sudden influx of these questions. It's weird.
    2 - I assume that is not your screenshot.

    You get 0-3 stars everytime you do a challenge. That doesn't change at all
    0 - Failed
    1 - You were injured & caught in a struggle
    2 - You were only injured (including bruised)
    3 - You were not injured.

    No matter what level challenge you do, this all you can get. This is the first number you see "159"
    So you may have got throght 50 levels unhurt (50x3 = 150), 4 level hurt (4x2 = 8) and 1 in a struggle (1x1=1)
    150 + 8 + 1 = 159

    The +4 number is the bonus stars that you received due to the quests. Some quests will give you 1 bonus star (use a all XXXXXX team or kill 5 walkers in 1 shot etc).
    So you completed 4 quests on that mission
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    Thanks for he explanation. Helps. I always thought its was the star count I would get if I got 3 full stars. Makes sense now. Would help if they explained in the rules or somewhere.
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