Locking guilds when a new challenge begins.

I understand competition is a great way for Next Games to generate money. However when one guild passes another by 700 points on the 4th day of a challenge one begins to wonder if swapping is taking place since the game devs never address it. Simply lock the guilds when a challenge begins. If not i believe the exodus of players realising they'll nvr catch top guilds due to this loophole will offset the gains. I know some have provided proof they play fairly and i say well done and well played to them. However some do not and thier rise to the top leaves most scratching thier heads. How bout for the New Year we get an annoucement that the devs are looking for a fix for this loophole. Rather have that then how the max level's and buildings have been raised so most can spend more money to max them again.

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  • Smokin_Joe_BlowSmokin_Joe_Blow Member Posts: 97
    I agree that something needs to be done to ensure fair competition. Guild locking would work to ensure fairness, but would have some other flaws. Here is another idea about how to promote fair competition without guild locking. forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/1404/another-idea-for-fair-guild-competition-without-guild-locking#latest
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    Dan I was an elder in Soco elite and Legion headed Soco Legion. Soco is the guild I speak of when I say some have provided proof of their status. You guys are top notch. I left due to medical reasons. I think the fix needs to be kept simple as possible. Allow guilds to fill thier ranks to 20 but lock those in once 20 is hit. For lower guilds the boards are changing horrendously almost on a daily basis. It's as if a monkey is in the dev room mashing the keyboards with a banana. Were sposed to believe the devs are keeping track of every players points and past points and adjusting the boards accordingly but can't figure out the rotate issue?

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