My guild does not appear in the search

kgraphsrunnerkgraphsrunner Member Posts: 16
I think it's a bug, my friend tries to come to my guild, but can not find, the guild not appear. How can he go? Thanks


  • DanaDana Member Posts: 115
    @kgraphsrunner report issue through in-game help, you are not the only one that cant get people in to your guild, they need to fix search function.
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    Is it because there are too many guilds with similar names?

    If so, put something distinctive in your guild description. If the description says "polysemy" or "synecdoche" or something equally obscure, then people should be able to search for that word and find the guild.

    If that doesn't work then we're just screwed until they fix the search.
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  • kgraphsrunnerkgraphsrunner Member Posts: 16
    Thank you very much! I put a different word in the description guild and worked! But hopefully fix this problem soon...
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,620
    @kgraphsrunner thanks for the update! @Pig thanks for the help!

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