Can we please have a "Weapon of Choice" event?

Would love the option to buy weapons based on the survivor class of my choosing instead of only getting legendary equipment for my Scouts. I don't even use Scouts lol. I would even spend a little extra (say 7550 crates? :D) for a guaranteed legendary Hunter weapon.

Also, if you guys are in a generous mood, I'm sure everyone would love the ability to pick and choose their own weapon traits. Thanks for your consideration!



  • AmazaynAmazayn Member Posts: 522
    you must be new here. keep dreaming my friend because that will never happen.
  • SkyydogSkyydog Member Posts: 4
    Just make it more expensive. If you could get a legendary rifle with good traits people would save up TG. It would encourage playing outposts both to raid for TG and build up your defenses. As of now you can save up for whatever you want it just takes time. Lots of time. The chance of losing your progress toward a specific goal (item) by being raided would add an element this game is missing compared to others. Plus thinking practically, why would you exchange hard earned currency for an unknown item?
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