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Hi everyone,

I'm somewhat new to this forum, though not to the game by any stretch. I don't want to give the impression that I'm someone who posts questions without first checking to see whether they've been answered before, and I do remember this being discussed here previously, but I don't see anything recent about it and I can't recall what was said the last time.

It seems incontrovertible to me that, on average, the Warrior's charge ability (Bonus Attack) deals less damage on the first swipe than the second. Actually, what I do remember about the discussion I saw on this subject is someone saying that they must have imagined it and that the power of both attacks is the same. But they didn't and it's not; my Warriors just don't hit as hard the first time around.

So my questions are: Has this weakness in
Bonus Attack been confirmed? If so, do we know the exact % by which the Warrior's power is reduced? And finally, WHY? This is such a good class, but turning their sword into a nerf bat for the extra attack really makes it less useful.

Any insights greatly appreciated.
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  • VudnikVudnik Member Posts: 307
    What levels and traits are your warrior(s) and weapon(s)?
    Overwatch and/or retaliate attacks are generally a little weaker than commanded strikes. My warriors kick butt when I tell them to but the AI response is lacking, in general for most survivors.
  • Hyuga_KojiroHyuga_Kojiro Member Posts: 15
    yes i feel about it too ... at the free attack ... damage less than normal attack ... may be lethal trait not working in free attack ... need fix this for warrior
  • NesendreaNesendrea Member Posts: 6
    These are my Warriors (I have a third, but she has bad traits, never gets used, and is going to be replaced). Their attack powers are severely depressed from what they could be, but I have a terrible time finding Warrior weapons with gold arc - and gold arc is one of the main things that makes Warriors so good.

    Anyway, you can see that they're very similar in power and have similar (though not exact) traits. Neither hits as hard on their first Bonus swing as their second.
  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    Beatrice would be a beast if you had weapons and armour upgraded 2 levels above her own
  • @Nesendrea No, you're not imagining it. If my warrior does 1000 dmg normal when I use the ability I'll get two attacks of 700 each. I don't know the numbers exactly but I have a hard time one-shot killing if I use the ability attack. The only reason I use it and not the regular attack is because there's a chance my regular attack will only do 999 damage leaving 1 health point for them to retaliate. At least with my bonus attack in guaranteed a better shot at finishing the kill.

    Disclaimer; I don't know what my warriors dmg #'s are, I was just using those #'s as an example.
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    @Nesendrea Yes. there was a moment a couple of weeks ago when I noticed this change. It seems that they definitely nerfed this 1st attack making them less effective when using the bonus attack.
  • IRONDeeIRONDee Member Posts: 469
    I'll have to look at numbers but I'm fairly certain my first attack is a critical, and higher.
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  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    Can't be too sure and just my guess here,.. If it did full damage both times it would be deemed over powerful and eventually nerfed,..
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    I'm not sure there's a hard-and-fast rule about what it should and shouldn't do. But let's compare to a couple of other charge attacks:
    -Warrior: 2 attacks in the same turn. Can hit lots of enemies. Probably kills most normal enemies after the second hit, so risk of danger is low most of the time. [Excepting saviors, PvP, etc.]
    -Shooter: 2 attacks in the same turn. Extra attack is a guaranteed crit, and causes no threat. Attack is from distance, and 2 shots to the same enemy probably kills most normal enemies, so possibility of damage next turn is low most of the time.
    -Bruiser: Only one attack, but it can hit up to 8 enemies. Stuns all that are not killed, so risk of damage next turn is low except for the case of tanks.

    So, we see a comparison here - warriors can hit lots of enemies, with multiple attacks - these are things other survivors can do as well, but not both at the same time. The other classes get a guaranteed crit, or a mostly guaranteed stun, but warriors can deal many times more damage in total than either of the similar charge attacks.

    That's why I think it was originally designed that the warrior's free attack does slightly less [there is actually a random variance there, as with all attacks] than normal, but gets to do it twice in the same turn. It's possible it could be improved, as melee characters are still reeling from recent changes, but I think I would rather see more widespread general improvements to melee classes that can be effective more often than a charge attack can be used.
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