100 Gold and 100 silver crates = no phones

I have not recived any phones from Gold or Silver crates during this weekend, and I think it sucks bigtime!
I got atlest 100 Gold and Silver crates from The event start yesterday but Only XP/tomatoes and crappy gear.

Last weekend i got 97 phones from Friday to sunday.
And there is my next complaint. From those Calls i recived Only rare survivors.

I love The game but IF i Only get rare survivors its no idea to use phones.

By The way i would like NG to bring back The option to pay to get full "tomato" storage like it Was in The begining.


  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    edited August 2016
    Why pay anything to NG if they fu** up the game so hard for the players?
  • soggybottomssoggybottoms Member Posts: 151
    edited August 2016
    I was hoping for some epic and legendary weapons. Mostly XP's, tomatoes and uncommon (silver) and rare (gold) weapons. Very few phones as well :(
    I've been playing the weapon expedition missions since this event started.

    Getting pretty bummed out by the endless earning of XP's too. Upgrades really get expensive when u move up in levels.
    Happy Slaying! (or not, lol)
  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    Wow 97 phones in 1 weekend ? I'm lucky if I get 10
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