How do you upgrade survivors to lvl 20?

My council is maxed and so are training grounds, can you get higher than level 19? Any help answering this is greatly appreciated.

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  • Mom_o_skyMom_o_sky Member Posts: 2
    I need to train for level 13 but need to upgrade training grounds. However, I can't upgrade my training grounds until I upgrade my council...which I can't upgrade without a level 29 player. I'm stuck. How can I get a level 29 player if I can't even train to get a level 13 player?
  • rgerkmanrgerkman Member Posts: 2,465
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    Your Player Lvl & Survivor Lvls are two different things...

    Your Player Lvl is also called your BP (Building Points) which is what you're referring to in order to Upgrade your Council.
    That's the Icon in upper left hand corner.
    You get BP by upgrading your buildings.. Training Grounds, Workshop, Tents, Farms etc

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  • Mom_o_skyMom_o_sky Member Posts: 2
    @rgerkman Thank you!! I had it backwards and was so frustrated lol. You rock!
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