Some ideas about finding new survivors

OK so I noticed that when you get a new survivors you can change the weapons on the one you want to swap out, it's an easy fix just make it so you can change the weapons and armor on the characters you want to swap. Because once you find a new one it doesn't give you a chance and you have to loose the weapon they are wearing sometimes they are ones you'd rather keep. Just a thought so far loving the game and will positive review the game next time I'm asked in game right now I'd say 4 outta 5 but with a few tweets it could easily be 5 outta 5 keep up the great work.


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    I am new here so not sure how to do this. I have a suggestion for upcoming categories of new survivors. Name/ title "The Best of the Best". Contestants Competition between 4 teams consisting of Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marines.
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    You can't lose your equipment, neither in death nor retirement. Equipment stays in your inventory till you scrap it

    If you go to Menu, Categories there is section for Suggestions & Ideas
    You can search for your topic or create a new thread o:)
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