Random encounters with survivors. In maps and at home base.

This can be in any mission but the harder the mission the better the reward,
This can swing both ways enemies and friends.
If you get an enemy survivor you have to kill them but you recive either weapon trates or upgrade points for the type you encounter. So hunter drops hunter upgrade points.
The same goes for friendlies but these you have to save and they attract attention so more walkers than normal for that map. If you save them you receive a reward same system as above.
These new encounters don't add to your survivor inventory, and there is no option for that to happen.

This change may fit better on resource runs and when you rerun old missions on harder settings.

A simple system could also be done on the home map survivors arrive and are swarmed by the walking dead you have around, this can only happen if you leave the dead hanging around your walls if you kill the walking dead before they get the survivor you get a reward. I am sure they can think of a way to do this, it could even be a survivor being chased by the walking dead you have to keep them alive to get a reward.
It takes ex amount of time for them to get into your gates for that duration you have to keep them alive.



  • DriftingdeathDriftingdeath Member Posts: 27
    I suppose an enemy version for home base could tie in to outpost the AI raids your home camp the only way to recover your lost stuff is a selected mission from outpost.
    The mission stays open until you recover your stuff.
    By stuff it can be anything people, weapons, or food.
    The mission
  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    I suggested in a separate post of mine that there should be an option to send survivors on a mission and there should be varying levels of risks. If you send them on a mission with light risk, rewards are small but chances of getting captured by other survivors are low. But if you send them to missions with the highest risk, chances if getting kidnapped is high, but rewards are high too. And if they get captured, you have to go out and rescue them ala outpost raid
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