How predetermined are rewards



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    The box choice animation is just there to add a sense of fun to the game. In exploration missions you've found three crates "in theory" those 3 crates are rewards found in the mission.

    The solution to "fix" this would be once you've completed it you're just given 3 random rewards. No "pick a chest" option.

    The purpose of the "options" if someone chooses to get more than 3 is for firstly ad revenue from watching a video for 3 more choices. And lastly to use gold to get the final set.

    I agree the perception of choice is bothersome at times. I have tons of screen shots of having 2 gold and 1 silver ticket left after watching a video and choosing 6 of the 9 boxes. But I knew it was pre determined going in that it wasn't random.

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    I fail to see how you could justify what the game is doing as cheating. We're not switching out rewards that have been rolled for you, or holding any back for ad or gold spend. Quite the contrary, the reason it works this way is because we want it to be fair.

    As discussed earlier, it used to be a random assignment. Players abused that; pick three, disconnect if you didn't get the top rewards, try again. So we had to make sure that can't happen in order to make it fair for everyone. Yes, it takes some of the fun out of it. But you're not being cheated out of anything.

    We're being open about this because we know we're not doing a bad thing here.
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    And now this question has been answered. Closed.
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