If you want outposts to be more integrated into the game

For me Outposts sit outside the main game, if you had tied them to resource missions
Made the outposts produce stuff for players that we actualy want food and XP the boxes are just a bonuse.
My closest enalagy would be we create resource bases like the game boom beach has each is an outpost where we have a specialised resource and controlling them gives us a supply of resources of that type.
As we progress in the game we can have more outposts,
Now unlike boom if it's raided in the current outpost system, it doesn't fall to another player they steal resources but the base is taken over by the game AI to start collecting resources from the outpost again we have to retake it.
This then ties in to the resources part of the game unlike now where resources runs are on world maps they move to outpost maps still makes outpost a full part of the game and boxes just a bonuse part to them.

If you don't want resources from outposts to be a free drop so making resources to easy for players only logging in create collection missions so to collect resources from our possibly multiple outposts staffed by our survivors and heroes we have to run a collection mission.

You could ramp up the difficulty by the more resource bases you have the longer the collection mission but put a risk in its design so if you collect from only one base of your say max 4 outposts it's not to hard but it uses a lot of fuel so repeated logins needed or refuels but you can do a double trip which uses the same fuel but the survivors cannot heal between missions and you cannot return with all the resources so only one is walking after the collection run you only get 33% of the stuff from the run.
Also collection missions to outpost may offer no heals between mission stages but a 25% patch up feild medic heal.

So a typical mission.
1. Random map 25% heal
2. Outpost if you still own it you get a free 25% heal and collect your resources
3. If you lost it from a player raid and the AI has it you fight and take it back then collect 50% of the resources
4. A random map
5. The final reward is based on survivor health.
Min 12 fuel mission rewards after the random maps as usual.

Extended mission
1. Random map 25% heal
2. As above
3. As above
4. Second outpost with 25% heal or a retake battle.
5. Third outpost with 25% heal or a retake battle.
6. A random map.
7. The final reward is based on survivor health.
8. If you do poorly IE you fail to get your survivors back so getting only 66%-0% reward 50% of the lost resources are returned to the outposts.

20 fuel min mission rewards after the random maps. This could be extended to all your outposts what ever the number

Another way to do this if the outposts are overrun by players so the AI takes them over they is a side mission to recover your survivors from the AI camp they then can defend your outpost again which puts it in the normal outpost part of the game.
At higher levels we can run multi outposts each needs defenders. Each need resources mission runs to collect the resources.
The mission lengths and designs are only guides.

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