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Hi, I would like to ask about this 8 days hero event. Few days ago, I opened a 3 Stars radio which cost me 15 radio. And i got around 124 Carol tokens. I was so happy, but then suddenly it's disconnected and when i reconnected i got only 2 glenn token. And I already send the report to them. But still no answer yet until now. My question is: as I remember Carol back when i got her, she weild a rifle. But when i see in the event she weild a knife. How is it possible? Are there 2 different type of Carol? Sorry for my long writing and thanks in advanced.


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    There might be 2 types of Carol: the real Carol who is a Scout (no rifle), and the fake Carol who's just a look-a-like normal survivor that was probably a Hunter class. And Maggie and Carol are not the same person :#
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