Heroes count for getting quests?

Hi guys. I have this doubt and i am trying to confirm it myself but i do not have the answer yet. Perhaps you do. I now have 3 hunters plus Darryl and Maggie and also 2 assaults plus Abraham. My question is not if i can complete a quest of say "use 3 assaults" with Abraham, because i know it can be done, even with 2 heroes on the team.

My doubt is can i receive that sort of missions for assaults, counting in Abraham? Without having 3 non-hero assaults?

I have recruited a 3rd hunter besides the heroes exactely to compare with my assaults team, but i have nit gotten either. So i have like 4 rare survivors around just to make 3 per class, not counting heroes, and i would love to get them going far far away, hehehe



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