Instead of nerfing luck

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As far as I can tell there are only 2 possible reasons to nerf luck.
1.(which I suspect is main reason) the so called "heroes" no one wants them for a variety of reasons but mostly the ridiculous individual tokens and amount to unlock/upgrade. The other reason is the lack of luck in traits.
SIMPLE FIX if you want them to be real HEROES make there hero trait a sixth trait and add luck to the ones that don't have it and what ever happens to be the best trait to the individual class that already has luck.

2. The outposts I personally don't play outpost at all the REWARDS DON'T OUT WEIGH (or even equal) THE RISK. A few tg crates that we can save and trade for legendary crates which usually gives us bruiser or scout gear. Or use it for gold crates which I'm guessing in my own experience will be about 80% chance of getting rare gear.
SIMPLE FIX give us better rewards so it's viable for us to play
As usual with my suggestions they benefit players and makes next games MORE MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY.
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