Crossbow/rifle weapon class

Is there any chance we can get other crossbow, like the daryl's one, from crates???
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    That's a good question. The only other one that I have seen so far in the game is the one that was for sale.
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    @Filvekkia @DarkFae And I guess, it will remain as that. If you want crossbow, use the one you get for free(not good enough) or buy another one for $. Would love to be wrong in this.
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    How about a crossbow with nice traits?

    Why do the two cross bows presented so far have a silencer trait?
    How freaking loud is a crossbow?

    I'm just asking :)
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    The loudest is 89 Decibels...

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    I know we have to partially suspend disbelief in context of a mobile game, but is it even possible to have a crossbow with "wide/large caliber?" Because if not, then I just can't see myself using it. Aesthetics are always nice, but I'm snobby with my rifle traits, lol.

    Wide caliber, or nothin'! :#
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    @SpacemanSpiff No, even mechanical broadheads only expand up to 3"-4" max. Closed they are around 1" or less. But they will still definatly leave a mark. The ones Daryl uses, from what I have seen are nothing more than a field point, or practice head. You would have a heck of a time removing an expanded broadhead from a zombies head. Further more, a crossbow bolt is moving over 300' per second, it would pass right through.
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    Maybe this will help....
    grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit
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