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Hi guys

We have brought you some radio burn videos for you to watch!

First of all I burned 600 radios using only the 10 radio call option from last week! You can see my results, the heroes unlocked and my live reaction below:

Next we have @kapaootweets burning 480 radios. He only uses the 15 radio call option. See his results below:

After that we have @Poppy. He burned a bit over 200 radios. Most of his burns were 15 radio call ones and a few using the 10 radio call option. Check his results below:

Next up we have @Onlyhooper . This is the first video fo his radio burn where he spent just over 200 radios on the 15 radio calls!



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    10 radio call is not the best option.
    15 radio call often deliver better results in terms of tokens survivor or heros.
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    * I put "hero" and "heroes" in quotes for a reason.
    ** Still on a spending boycott of equipment and gas booster and gold.
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    I thought I was crazy at the weekend burning through 825!! I did anout 20 of the 10 radio calls but in the end I stopped because I kept on getting 2 tokens with one 8 token! I did a little video of my own, will upload it to YouTube..

    I found that the 15 radio calls were better by far, you shouldn't get 2 tokens for ten radios, that's a scam. If you purely want tokens, I think doing the 1 radio would be better overall in the long run.
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    @Amazayn I figured this works best :)
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