Improvements to Outposts in 2.1!

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The Outposts are now streamlined in order to make attacks faster and improve the PvP experience!

All Outpost changes:

- No longer lose Trade Goods when raided!
- Streamlined raids
     - Modified layout
     - Only one flag outside the gate
- Flee without injuries
     - Fleeing from the combat no longer requires the player to choose someone to sacrifice
     - Fleeing before getting the first flag will result into loss of Influence, but no injuries
- Flag is the mandatory first objective after which a survivor can open the gate
- New reward system:
     - Kill all the Defenders to gain influence
     - Raid the box for Trade Goods
- Threat triggers only once on the turn after the gate is opened
- Tier resets will be changed for Cycle 12, starting on the 21st of September:
    - Tier reset has been removed from Gold tiers and below
    - Platinum and Master tier players will be reset in the following way:
        - Platinum tier III: 5,000
        - Platinum tier II: 5,200
        - Platinum tier I: 5,400
        - Master tier: 5,600

Note! Your Outpost layout will be modified automatically after the update to make it more straightforward. If you wish to manage the layout, tap open your Outpost and build a strong defence.
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