Progression after level 19 stupid question

I have been playing this game since the end of May this year so not exactly new but far from seasoned. About 2 weeks ago I reached level 19 and I thought that was it, I still have some upgrades to do but council and training grounds are maxd. Or at least it says they are. I have just had a hunter level 20 jacket after a side mission. How do I progress above 19 without the training grounds. I have had much higherror level walkers so guessing there is a way.


  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    It's for layaway. You used to get gear that was a level or two above the training ground and they stopped it. It was nice to have something you could get and look forward to upgrading when a new council is released with the added benefit of not having to find it and possibly searching for days to weeks to find something for that survivor and his new level. This phenomenon stopped for some time and I think people were not happy so now they're back. So if you find level 20 gear worth upgrading it is just putting you in a better position when a new council update comes out.
  • BttlOpenerBttlOpener Member Posts: 955
    @hussar Those level 20 items were removed from the game I believe around update 1.9. They just popped back up with update 2.1. Not sure why but I have a few pre 1.9 and have received one since the 2.1. They will not be upgradeable until the next council is available, which allows training grounds and workshop to be upgraded.
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    But a good thing lvl 20 gear is back in THE game!!!
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    OK thanks people
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