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    @Shteevie one thing I really like about the update is the fact people can't just grab my flags and run , that was really annoying ... here's a couple of suggestions to improve things even more and get more folks raiding ..

    Just eliminate the rural fields map that 90% of people use . When you go on a marathon raiding run the lack of diversity of zones makes it very boring to play.. the other maps are all pretty equal I find and defender placement can be almost anywhere . In a perfect world , we could design our own outposts instead of choose from options , that would be so fun . I'm guessing that's not an easy thing to implement though .

    With the zombies spawning immediately after you open the gate (especially with the rural fields map) if the defenders dodge a couple of hits , you not only run out of time very easy , you have to rush and receive more injuries. Even with the omni-dodgers pre 2.1 , I could usually get through 3 or 4 raid's without an injury. Now my hospital is full after 4 or 5 raids .
    If the intention was to stop us from farming xp , I would suggest you put it back the way it was , but make each walker after initial spawn 1 xp (like after you kill 100 walkers in missions)

    Eliminate the possibility of that tank spawning behind the gate in Rural Field (I think it was warehouse anyways , I have a screenshot on my tablet I'll share tomorrow) that makes that almost impossible to win and people are starting to exploit it.

    With exploding walkers on the horizon , I fear that people will be getting so many injuries , they will stop playing or only play enough to maintain their influence for the cycle and that's a loss for us and you.

    Just a couple suggestions from someone who plays outposts a lot. Cheers!

    Edit : I made a new thread and tagged you with a pic of the zone with the tank behind the gate.
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    That's why I recommend few posts above about removing Rural Field from Outpost ;)
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    The new update is fine if you are lvl 17,18, or 19, but for those of us who can't play 24/7 or afford to pay big money for the ability to upgrade, it sucks. I may just have a chance of hanging on for the 3000TG this time around, but there is not a chance in hell I'll ever get close again. There is no way that lvl 16s can take an attack from lvl 17+ and defend successfully. Yes I was one of those who part raided to just get enough influence to make it through. After this cycle, I'll probably leave the outpost alone, which is a s game as it gave me something to concentrate on whilst trying to upgrade buildings and people to a decent level.

    And how is the amount of IPs decided on? It seems to vary wildly and no matter how hard I try (and waste TG to do so), there is always a deficit in what I can get vs what was taken from me.

    A bit disappointed to be honest.
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    Don't lose Goods, and no limit time to clear the walkers in the flag part was a very good idea. But all the rest is and keeps miserable. for exemple:
    - 7 turns to defeat the three defenders and get th Loot Trade Goods is most of times impossible;
    - Who was few walkers in the flag part (dind't invest goods to upgrade the number of walkers, and their levels), don´t allow us now to get special attacks for our team;

    This Outpost continues to favor those who DEFEND than those o want to attack, those o don't have the walkers upgraded in outpost for those o make the effort to upgrade at the maximum allowed....
    For who likes DEFEND, the current Outpost keeps excelent!

    Oupost was not primary for me, but now it's something that I don't even care if it's there or not.

    I also have lv 19 team with lv 22 guns and body armor.

    Money, money, money... is the way that this game is taking... This way never ends good.

    Sorry, for these though, but is what really think about Outpost in this excellent game!
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    I just raid and go now, grab that tg and complete. No special attacks, too difficult to kill defenders. My scout now rushes to the TG and I'm gone.....
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    Let's take something that was kinda broken and completely mess it up! Why did you decide to change the outpost attack rewards. Now i get nothing for attacking unless i happen to fight a weaker enemy, wich never happens. So now i will never earn any crates/supplies. I guess I'm done with outpost attacks and will leave it to the higher level players to keep attacking me. It's been an unpleasant update for me. Thanks.
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    Let's not start opening threads with all caps. It is very impolite to walk into a room and just start shouting at everybody.

    There is constructive discussion on the likes and dislikes of outposts.
    Also later today @Shteevie and @Teeceezy are going to bring an announcement on outposts that should change things. Who knows what this could mean for you.

    I'm merging this with the existing outpost thread. Please head on over there if you wish to contribute and refrain for further shouting.
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    Offering 2 to 1 odds on the announcement being a total let down.
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    Shteevie said:

    Just you guys wait for next week...

    TCZ and I will be working on an announcement on Monday.

    Guys... we are waiting ;)))

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    I'm not sure that the system adopted in 2.1 relating to the outposts is the best. I have seen many players changing their locations back to the "Lake" or to the "Warehouse", where killing the defenders is a really hard task, regardless instead of the fact that they may easily lose their stash. They only care about not letting anyone defeating their 3 defenders and therefore to not lose influence. But, in this way, there is no fun. The players should really lose his/hers TG when the opponent grabs the stash , as it was in the old system. Otherwise there is no "thrill" and there is no enthusiasm in defending the outpost. I'm sorry for my poor english. Cheers
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    Great contribution to the discussion. I'm merging this with the big discussion thread on this. Please feel free to keep discussing.
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    As for invincible defenders, many of the currently-overpowered trait combos are being addressed in 2.2. This is the soonest we can get the fixes in the game. We'll be watching to see if successful attacks go up at that point.

    Additionally, matchmaking changes going live this week will drastically improve the experience of players being pitted against higher-level defenders.

    I'm assuming that the further discussion of this issue will continue in the announcement thread, but if there are specific things that people would like me to address there, let me know.
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    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    Not a big fan of new outpost changes coming this week. No preview and no skipping. Oh well, back to grinding XP maps...
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    Just another thought, changing the rules, in the middle of something is not correct. Like changing the rules in the midle of atual cycle is not the most correct thing to do. Different justice for players...
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    Behind said:

    Just another thought, changing the rules, in the middle of something is not correct. Like changing the rules in the midle of atual cycle is not the most correct thing to do. Different justice for players...

    The change starts with the new cycle.
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    @Behind: the changes take place with the next cycle, the current cycle ends on wednesday
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    I kind of enjoy this fast-paced outpost. I find gas being my limiting factor in this game. The fact that outpost gas cost is low and rewards are good has me spending most of my gas on challenges during daylight. Before going to bed, I send most of my survivors to the hospital with heavy injuries and welcome them back in the morning. This new version is cool for players that have a large roaster. We get to play with very little gas instead of staring at the gas timer.
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    @all, this just in the new reset will apply for this cycle.

    This just in: The new Tier resets will apply at the end of the on-going Cycle, meaning better rewards and less of a drop for those well above 5k Influence as well as no Influence resets for Gold & below.

    Tier reset will be removed completely from Gold tiers and below. Platinum and Master tier players will be reset in the following way:
    - Platinum tier III: 5,000
    - Platinum tier II: 5,200
    - Platinum tier I: 5,400
    - Master tier: 5,600

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    We decided that since the goal of the changes was to keep players more spread out from the start of a cycle, and since the reset changes amounted essentially to a buff for players, that it was OK to move forward this time. If the changes had resulted in someone losing rewards, we wouldn't have done them in this timeframe.
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    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    The new update has really worsened the outpost experience.I already was finding it impossible to win raids because I was only shown fully maxed out competitors. Now I tried multiple raids and don't get anything but heavily injured players. Are the developers consulting with anyone before making these changes? As soon as I read them I suspected they would be bad, but this is even worse than I thought.
    Annette578GODisFake[Deleted User]
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    next F U NG
    now i need 3000 to get goods from store, HOW should players with n0 lvl 19 survivors get this ????????????????????????
    i do raids only with lvl 19 teams, there is since the update no other option, F U NG
    No more money for this facking game,
    i think about to cancel my deals from play store and get back my money , not lvl 19 player have NO chance to win this facking raids now and get tokens from store.

    Annette578GODisFake[Deleted User]
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    @Gunny_Highway , welcome to the forum, please keep things civil, take a look at the forum rules here.

    Don't Be Toxic. We will not tolerate rudeness, abuse, harassment or trolling of any kind and will take immediate action when necessary. Any abuse towards staff or moderators of this forum will absolutely not be tolerated.

    Keep your posts constructive. If you have a beef with the developers, don't be a jerk about it. Say your piece and move on.

    This is your warning, any further disregard for the rules will result in loss of forum privileges.

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    On day 1, the most players have the same influence numbers. This is why we used the new reset rules instead of the old ones.

    As time goes on and more players play more, they will spread out in influence values and matches will get better for everyone. If you choose to stick with it, or to come back to Outposts after a few days, you should see improvement.
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    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    how can i get more influence values, when i can make no more raids ??? tell me pls
    i made 10 raids, every i lost, btw i must runn after get flag , because enemys where 2 0r 3 lvl higher ????
    so no more raids for me, but hey what happend, so the high lvl player can raid us and cant going up in influence values.
    ok that is what NG want, every player lower than lvl 17 have to put 1000€ to NG to get higher lvl and can raid or defeat, thats it only $$$$$$ thats why they hide the enemy lvl
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    Amiga said:

    Joan said:

    New update is rubbish no fun playing it anymore!

    Very constructive answer. What is rubbish?
    - New TG shop?
    - Not loosing TG?
    - Exchanging supplies to TG?
    - Fixed bullet dodge trait?

    Rubbish is to not know which level of defenders/walkers you´re facing.

    Rubbish is if you´re unlucky, you´re facing heaps of healing times.
  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066

    I miss the 5000 tg every raid

    Yep...with such amounts of potentially to have tg, the healing times and the fortune wheel would be acaptable!
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    so if i like to raid and i can win some matches my influence will increase and i will fight stronger players. this will end in no raids because i cant beat my enemy after some matches. or I'm wrong?
    This is still bad for all players under survivor lvl ~17?

    my survivors are lvl 15. i made some raids and it was hard but possible. The enemy had the same lvl like me. now i need to fight +3 lvls because my influence increasted with wining??
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    Ridiculous. I will no longer participate in the Outpost option.
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