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    I've commented on the too few walkers "problem" before. It is the only strategy for people new to outposts. Why put out 14 8th level walkers while you are upgrading them? The upgrades are never instant. The walker pit doesn't come maxed. Everyone's favorite map isn't available. But even though there are supposed to be different answers to how to tackle problems in the game, with no one answer above all others (as we have been told repeatedly about luck/dodge/bullet dodge) it doesn't apply in this case. And I know because this point is ignored consistently. So you won't have to worry about it.
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    @amiga I brought up the issue about 7 turns wasn't enough a long time ago when bullet dodge first came out. 7 turns is tight but possible and 1 maybe 2 more rounds might be nice but there's no need to change it from 7 turns to 10 turns. That's an extreme change that would just let people recharge their special abilities while in the final part of the map and really unbalance things to the attackers. Everything their trying to do it whether successful or not is with the intent to balance then offensive side and defensive sides to something that makes it fair for both sides.

    Besides some people still are just going for TG and fleeing and not caring about beat all 3 for influence. Going to 10 turns would also introduce a new cowardly strategy that would let people go for the TG first then try to kill the defenders and if it doesn't go well they will bail. I think some of the changes in update 2.1 was to prevent people from gaining either influence or easy TG without fighting the defenders. The whole point of them taking away influence won from taking down flags was removed as well as moving the crates from some of the maps that were in front of the gate to moving them behind the gate was to not let people work the system to get easy TG or influence.

    @Shteevie I would like to see the spawn points for some of the walkers when you open the gate tweaked a little so that they aren't right on top of you after just that very first round. I'll get some screenshots here shortly to show a few examples of where the spawn is right on top of you and stay on top of you so once you've beaten all 3 defenders you've become surrounded by walkers. Maybe that was the intention but I've got a few where it was just too much.
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    So 1 extra turn then..
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    Thank you very much for your post. I really appreciate the helpful tone, and it's clear you put a lot of thought into the system. I would be happy to look at those screenshots; we still have a couple of days to modify the maps and I have been invited to the tank walker party a few times myself.

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    @Shteevie I'm always helpful and 99% of the time I'm very nice. Hopefully you will notice that if I disagree with someone I will try to only talk their actions and not the person. It may be harsh but I try not to attack the person by saying thing like you're wrong or you're stupid but rather say the choice you made was wrong or such and such action was stupid. I was being overly nice in my post to Amiga because I wanted to make sure he didn't take it personally and that while I agree with part of what he said I also disagree with part of what he said. We each have opinions and are both entitled to them so I know how Amiga is and I wanted to make sure he didn't think I was disagreeing with him just to disagree!
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