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So name is BarcodeJ, you may know me as that annoying rant guy on the forums. Known to associate with that other annoying guy @jester andthe other one too....hmmm...oh yeah @Kappa123
So todays rant will be short. i gotta go to work but I have a complaint. You see, here I am, paying you guys money every week so I can play non-stop and watch commercials and make you guys more money (speaking of which...why for the love of god are extra unlock videos limited? I dont get why there are limits to advertising revenue. Especially when post mission crates are already so mediocre. I think a 30 second video should justify opening 3 more crates all the time. Or maybe after you watch your five 30 second videos, you have to endure 1 minute videos. Or click on a link to reset your watched video count, but that's a different rant.)
Here is my problem i buy the gas booster. I play. A guy gets injured. Let's say he gets killed. I now have to wait almost 3 hours to use him again or pay a bunch of gold. 3 hours eats into the money I spent on the booster so I guess I'll use gold...but the hospital gold bills add up. I dropped a few hundred gold on the hospital last friday in a matter of hours and thats on a set of maps with no repeatables.
So the *idea*


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    So the *idea*: a hospital....booster. Thats right. Pay 2 dollars for unlimited gas. Pay 2 dollars to make your hospital work like it did during the rapid healing event for 24 hours. Obviously you can remove it before any special weekend hospital events to prevent stacking as you have done with the others and it is another chance for increased revenue. Idk if its a good idea or not. But I bet it is worth a shot.
  • BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 403
    Idk why it cut off the end. Lol
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    I like this idea. It really gets to me too when Ive forked out for a booster only to sit and wait out hospital time or waste gold. I'd like to see an option along the lines you suggest
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