Suggestion. Icons on the map.

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The icons aren't looking good: the gas icon is cropped, the deadly mission barely visible, the prize icons are squared and not harmonizing with other elements in the overall game graphics.

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  • facemanakfacemanak Member Posts: 117
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    Sorry for bothering, @Teeceezy
    But I haven't received any comments here. This screenshot shows that the mission pictographs are a little bit spoiled. The gas cans are hidden by the mission type image.
    It looks not very good.
    Hope it will be changed in the better way.

    I recommend to make some changes, such as:
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  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    Thanks for pointing this out @facemanak. I'll pass the message on.
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    This still needs to be fixed. @eetu

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    More of an opinion on the style than an actual bug - the icons technically look like they should. But duly noted, and thanks for the example image!
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