Changes to Outposts Matchmaking: New tier reset changes at the end of this Cycle!

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In the last update we introduced many changes to improve the PvP experience and more changes are coming in the next Cycle! The next Outpost Cycle starts on Wednesday at 2 AM UTC.

Upcoming changes:

Opponents! When you raid an opponent’s Outpost you are directly taken to the team selection screen where you will only see the classes of the defending team. This means that the levels of the defenders or the walker strength are not shown anymore.

In addition, you are only given one opponent option; the skip button is removed. These changes are being made to increase the competitiveness and improve PvP matchmaking resulting in a superior gameplay experience!

Climb faster from tier to tier!

At the end of the on-going Cycle the tier resets will be changed. Tier reset has been removed completely from Gold tiers and below. Platinum and Master tier players will be reset in the following way:
- Platinum tier III: 5,000
- Platinum tier II: 5,200
- Platinum tier I: 5,400
- Master tier: 5,600

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