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    Maybe somene asked before but right now i have no time to read the whole thread.... :/
    The shield disappeared?
    Every 20 minutes i'm under attack! I always win but , :o
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  • I'm an endgame player. My outpost is level 114, stocked with legendary lvl 19 survivors. When I raid, I get lvl 114, legendary lvl 19 opponents at rural fields #3 90% of the time. Mostly I win, but who cares? It's totally boring. I don't care about influence or leaderboards. I make enough TG through my guild. There's no incentive for me to play outposts, and nothing new to tempt me. It's the endless repetition on all levels of this game that will finally do me in.
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    Oh myyyyy. So how can that be? I defend with 3 9th level commons with level 1 gear. Since I just built my outpost, the walker level is a joke. Anyone can stroll in and do the raid however they want. How is that hurting anyone? I could claw and scratch my way up the tiers, maybe, but it isn't fun and hurts every other aspect of the game because my legendary swordsman took a hit from a rare scout and came back with a heavy injury. On a routine raid. Or insert any other common raider story here, we all have them. These assets are not availible now, when I can play. Obviously, a stack of gold would change that, but I'm really not in a position to buy one. When I buy something it's because I am supporting NG, because I am old and poor but remember the days when it looked like freeware would save the internet, and you should pony up for software you use. Never to play the game. Never because I "need" it. NG has already earned my next purchase, it's just got to be strategicly wedged into my real life concerns. So no, I'm not the one that is making things worse for anyone here, I don't have that power.
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    I was trying to post in another thread but saw that thread got merged/closed all of a sudden and we're told to post stuff here. So my comment here is in relation to that other thread:

    The lopsided matches for newer players are likely due to high-level players having tanked their Influence earlier, so that's why they can now get matched up with lower-lvl players under this new system
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    No chance on this one lol
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,579
    Thanks @Movado & @QB34 :)
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Interesting, @QB34 this visual evidence shows this problem in a new light. I've heard tell of machines that can compare numbers and perform different actions based on their values. Maybe someone could adapt one of these to pre-screen and eliminate these sorts of match-ups. They could even go so far as to install a failsafe--like a button or some other sort of switch so the human user could reject poor matches. Because I hear those machines are complex and difficult to adapt, they are almost self-sufficient but not quite there.
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    Ok folks I had positive attitude about latest changes but I pass...
    - 9 of 10 raids Rural Shitfield
    - time spent in hospital... Overall 10hrs!!
    I'm waiting for update 2.2
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    Shteevie said:

    This is what we [I] were talking about when we [I] said that things would be rocky.

    A lot of high-level players who were purposefully tanking their influence are in the wrong matchmaking cohort. This has made it so that lower-level players will be matched with them more often, which is what I see happening on this thread. We need those players to play and win more matches so that they rise in influence to where they belong and get out of the way of the lower players.

    Why would players put their survivors in the hospital to rise in influence? What is the benefit to that player?

    It is so much easier to tank the influence and stay at a level where they can actually win a raid.

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    I was still able to skip until I accidentally closed and reopened the app. I'm currently waiting for my top three survivors to heal up after being killed on the last raid (I took the first one offered in the spirit of "no choice" and couldn't kill all three before all three of mine died.) Super McDodgies.

    I'm (sort of ) patient and (relatively) optimistic, but I can't (wont) play outposts when I can only play once every three hours.
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  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    I am very sorry I had to murder your survivors. I made one error in judgement going through the walker maze, resulting in an injury to my bruiser. One error in judgement opening the gate too soon. Well constructed defense and walkers chasing me-I had to kill people. This should have been a failed raid. I don't just complain about errors in my favor. Had I known the levels, I would have rotated in my D team, and it would have been a fair fight that I lost. Again, my apologies.
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    I dont see any difference in match making since this cycle started. It still seems to be completely based on influence level. Btw, you can still skip matches by clicking X in top right corner and maybe waiting for small while to get another outpost to raid.

    Im spending my gas to tank my influence to get more enjoyable raids and not so much hospital time which is very likely at higher influence levels if you dont have bullet dodge. Yes, I built my team a long time ago when that trait wasnt still there. And phones and better chance to find legendary survivors events are scarce. Tough luck.

    During the early days, raiding was so much fun. And still occassionally it has been, during those +50% damage events, or -50% hospital time events. But other than that, since 2.0 I raided just to collect xp and since 2.1 I just want to raid to tank my influence if raiding at all. (Starting raid and immediately fleeing, its usually -12 inf per raid.) I hoped to find outposts where I could collect tg without hospital time. But didnt find any of those at my inf level. Again, tough luck. Im still welcoming all to enjoy free tg at my lake side villa if you catch me during my free fall from 4300 to 1696 inf.

    So pretty much waiting for better days. Maybe after 2.2... Not sure though if Im still with the game at that point. Already completed all story missions at nightmare difficulty some time ago. (That was lot of fun, and pretty much kept me around after 2.0...) Just hate grinding same maps for exploration missions over and over again, for the lousy rewards. Hate playing challenges due to initial difficulty level with basically no rewards at all and having to do lots of grinding and spend lots of gas to reach higher difficulty levels with good or at least better rewards. And now outposts have been ruined for some time and still just promises that things will get better. OK, shields are working now. OK, you can now restore raid if disconnected due to bad mobile connection. But still many more issues are there to be solved. And have been there for quite some time. Despite @Shteevie was hired to buy some more time to NG and calm us down on these forums.

  • VudnikVudnik Member Posts: 307
    Poppy said:

    @Shteevie With all due respect everyone doesn't pay my hospital fees so they can go do one, tanking inf is the only way I and alot of players can play outpost currently.

    If everyone didnt pick the same broken map (and it is broken even if you discount the neo dodge debacle) i wouldnt have to tank my inf i dont want to play the same map over and over and over and over.

    You want me to play outpost but you dont seem to be getting it despite the majority of players stating it, I currently cannot play outpost because of this map which 99% of the players who have unlocked the dang thing use. Its unplayable even on a good raid your team are out of action for hours, if i played 5 maps back to back my entire roster would be out of commission. Our only avenue to have a slim chance of avoiding this map you guys in your infinate wisdom just decided to take out the game.

    Tanking inf is the only way currently to earn TG without having your whole team out of action once you reach levels as low as gold tier 2 as its the same map until the end of days!

    Turning to incentives again you droped the ball on the 1st one with the inf related unlocks in the store, once you've unlocked them the price per token is higher than the regular ones offerd i mean why is that?

    Do you take us for fools?

    Can you understand what kind of message this sends to your players that we have to earn the right to unlock something in store which is more expensive per unit than what we get offered day in day out? Do you understand why players who care for the game have little faith in what you are doing when the simple things are messed up!

    @JudithG totally agree.

    Cheers @Poppy ! 100% agree. @Teeceezy says we are ruining it for everyone... It's been ruined for a long time and only gets worse. We didn't do this, they did. With the perpetual trimming back of EVERYTHING in this game, how in the hell are we supposed to come up with TG for the now-laughable trade shop? I could post the same picture that @QB34 did but with me having all the high end players fighting his lower ones. I'm the one in the hospital for nearly 3 hours. This is so ridiculous. What a debacle.
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  • DrPsychedelicDrPsychedelic Member Posts: 190
    The new Outpost changes are rediculous. I will no longer be articipating in the Outpost option.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    <--------- my avatar explain my status after few raids...
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  • tallinietallinie Member Posts: 407
    I just noticed that my outpost has only been raided twice today since new cycle started (shields have not been up and I have not been online much). Maybe people are raiding much less now? Im still at influence level where outposts are mostly having lvl 19 leg def team. And it would be real easy for even lvl 17 team to raid my outpost not having any special walkers and get free tg as chest is sitting right next to gate and my defenders set to stationary and not attacking unless being attacked.
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    "Stationary" just means that they won't move. If they are ranged survivors, they'll still shoot from where they stand.

    With the new system, the shield and "you have been attacked" message trigger differently than before. This is also up for consideration to make sure people are being defended correctly.
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  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    My 2c

    - The change to the maps to simplify them actually makes it harder. When you are having level 19 walkers come from all angles, there a very high chance you are going to be injured before even meeting the enemy

    - When the gate is open and the walkers spawn, they basically spawn on you. So there are level 19 walkers right behind you, and then the enemy right in front of you. Again, there is little chance of being able to attack & kill the enemy without being severely attacked by the walkers.

    - Matchmaking. If you are taking 3x level 16 survivors (48) then surely it's easy enough to match with another team of level 48, within the same range of points.

    - I still struggle to see a reason to play (same with challenges). Add in some special rewards that can only be gained by doing these events. If could be a free radio call every time you complete an outpost (because maybe a enemy decides to jump ship)
    some medical gear that speeds up healing.
    Some weapon bonus that increases the damage of a weapon or something increases the health of armour
    If you leave then as only rewards within outpost, then people will have a reason to play and will be rewarded with more than just 500 TG, which is nothing.
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  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    The shield definitely works much different than before in that I don't see the bot/clone outposts anymore. If the boy/clones are gone that is another ripple in the outpost pond.

    No bot/clone means it helps a little on defending your outpost because it doesn't give people a chance to practice on your clone. It also means fewer outposts to raid.

    I don't think the message is working at all but that only means you have to look at the log or see a shield countdown but I thought I would say it again.
  • IRONDeeIRONDee Member Posts: 469
    @Shteevie I'm currently playing three challenges then an outpost raid. If I can do that and still get 310 stars, you'll see me play outposts. I'm still overmatched, even with my 19 legendary crew, and my alt lvl 16s aren't able to get any influence. I hope enough people try to go up instead of down soon.
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  • MarsOneMarsOne Member Posts: 65
    @Shteevie No where in poppy's post did she insult you.
    This is not the tough luck club, we play the game and some of us even provide ng with an income.
    A full cycle of this broken matchmaker is too much.
    The end result of players avoiding the broken pvp system will be inadvertent 'tanking' of influence, if you do not do something you will end with more to "fix".
    That will be a "detrimental play pattern" developers are responsible for introducing.

    And to be very clear, this is not a dig at you at all. I am more than sure your community enjoys being more informed as of late.
  • LgrattLgratt Member Posts: 77
    When I began playing the game, it was for the different scenarios, not the chalenges, not the supply runs and not for the outpost. When I couldn't make it, I tried the outpost, was fun for a bit but noticed that now I could lose trade goods. Had to find another way to gain TD and decided to join a Guild.

    Just imagine the time and money to develop output. For me, it would have been more fun if it it had been used to make new scenarios.

    Geting tired of doing the same thing all over again, same chalenges (thank you for the new ones this week), same supply runs and same outpost maps.

    Please give me the next scenario after church as soon has possible.
  • KelvSGKelvSG Member Posts: 277
    Somehow the matchmaking system is working much better for me than before lol.

    I do enjoy outpost before and even now. Since i still have the ability to defeat most of my opponent. Currently my influences are about 3750.

    Only 2 irritating part from my side was the hospital time. Even if my survivor not killed, it still 2hr plus in hospital stay as seen in my screenshot. So it basically only can play 1 outpost every 2-3hour. Hence reducing the 2 gas to 1 is really not important for me.

    2ndly, can we include incentive for the defender if they successfully defence the outpost ? The only time i gain influnces was when they fail to get the flag or i killed them all. But almost half of my defence won has earn me nothing cause they bail after grabbing the flag which is a bum. Maybe 1 radio or silver crate for success defence could be good. Just my 2c
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