Does TWD have value for non PVP folk after latest changes?

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I admit I'm anti social and don't want to be part of a guild or build an outpost. Is there a medium to long term future for players like me, who have invested time and a small amount of ££, following NGs (refreshingly honest) statements that they want to develop PVP and their clear promotion of that in the recent release and the new trade goods system etc?

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    Probably not.
    There is an end level which is currently 55.
    Once you reach that and have completely the story missions, there will be nothing left to do.
    You can still do the challenges by yourself, but there won't be much for you.

    However, I do hope there will be future development in different PVP events, not just outpost which could give another avenue for participation


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    @SlickRick - thanks, I can see you are a fan and regular commenter and so am grateful to you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Whilst Social is fine, I'm just not sure I want to expose myself (so to speak) to a wider world. Am happy collecting and building on my own time, and whilst i appreciate like minded people are great to be around i don't want to lose my "alone time", end up having to share if I don't have to or be in any sort of competition.
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    I understand your feelings...and to each their own of course :)

    There are guilds though that have people that kind of stick to themselves so to speak...not all guilds have mandatory requirements to chat or be mine for example we have a bunch of "social butterflies" (like myself sadly) and then we also have some people who never talk or at best very rarely...just something to keep in mind if you ever decide to take the wishes either way!!
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    Thanks all so far, appreciate the info. Any other input welcome tho' early indications are that it seems some self reflection with a view to embracing PVP Is worthwhile.
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    Different people have different preferences and reasons for playing a game. I'm sure we all respect that. As mentioned, pvp here is not "live" pvp. And no social element to it directly. They can raid your Outpost while you sleep, or you can beat up their outpost anytime you want. If you simply don't like pvp and/or find undesirable technicalities to it, that's understandable. But otherwise you can still treat it like a single player game. Plus it's another avenue to collect TG's. I recommend you giving it a try, rather than rely on the negativity you see on Forums about outposts because certain other players have different motivations for hating on outpost which might not actually mirror your own situation/sentiments.
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    You cannot exact revenge on attackers. And outpost does not use other players' survivors, you can kill the "clones" in their outpost and it will never affect anything in any way.
    I tried it out after holding out since it was introduced, because you can no longer lose actual trade goods. In fact that's the big reason put forth by everyone to take the plunge. That and once your camp is max or near max, it gives you something on which to spend tomatoes and continue advancing player level.
    Now, like me, you have to weigh your inner sense of paranoia and go into it with your eyes open. NG will likely never, ever allow you to withdraw from the system once you build. Ever. So once you are in, you are in. Forever. Also, they have changed some game mechanics that have been foundational, to the chagrin of sections of the player base, and continue to do so. This is their right, of course. Outposts are not going as they planned, and they are swimming hard against the undertow, so anything can happen.
    At the end of the day, I am in despite seeing things the way I do. You must decide for yourself.
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