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In my opinion, there should be more inexpensive purchase options below the $5 mark. i.e. fill supplies or fill xp. You will see a higher volume of low cost purchases, and this could be more successful than the $20+ options that very few would commit to. I bet the average player for this game, including those who do not pay to play, spends less than $10 on this game per year. Without attractive offerings in that range, you are losing a significant portion of your market. Further, I would be more willing to buy a sub-$5 option more frequently than I would be to buy a $20 option. I would not consider buying a $20 option, regardless of it's content. Please add in full supplies and full xp to the market at a reasonable price point. Try it for a week and, if it doesn't bring you a significant income then I'll bite my tongue on this in the future.


  • still_here_74still_here_74 Member Posts: 32
    A few ideas- the full supplies/ full XP for $8.99, initially- increase the price for this sale item each time a player purchases it.
    Or, legendary gear & full supplies/ full XP for $12.99
    One more- full supplies/ full XP & 8000 TG for $15.99
    If NG is willing to sell full-gas-for-24-hours at $1.99 (quite likely a high seller) these ideas aren't unreasonable.
  • still_here_74still_here_74 Member Posts: 32
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    The $8.99 is actually really expensive as with full gas for $1.99 could fill both in a couple hrs easily. However I like the idea of cheaper bundles and would think it would get more ppl spending
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